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I don’t have high hopes for Baldurs Gate 3.

Content of the article: "I don’t have high hopes for Baldurs Gate 3."

I’ve been PC gaming since the early 90s and the original Baldurs Gate games (and Icewind Dale) are some of the greatest RPGs I have ever played. I even go back to the enhanced editions from time to time.

There are other stand outs as well of course. I rate Dragon Age Origins very highly (the other two not so much), The Witcher 2 & 3 are obviously fantastic. Planescape torment also a very interesting game.

Divinity games? Ehh they’re good but not S tier. I could never get into DOS2, truth be told I enjoyed DOS1 more.

Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter Nights, and so forth all decent games as well but fall short in various ways.

Now onto Baldurs Gate 3…

I did the “impatient” gamer thing and joined the early access, and my disappointment with the way Larian Studios are taking the game just make me wish I hadn’t.

They’re basically making Divinity Original Sin 3 – Forgotten Realms edition. Except very little connection to the D&D world of the forgotten realms, and near zero connection to the Baldurs Gate original story.

It’s like Larian are incapable of making anything else than their divinity games:

  • The start is the same.
  • The writing is the same, it’s not serious fantasy writing it’s edgy satire.
  • They’ve trying too hard to be quirky and “memorable” but you don’t feel connected to the world or companions as it’s too bizarre.
  • The engine is a hybrid of Divinity and D&D 5e, with some very questionable design decisions that Larian seem resistant to changing.
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It’ll end up being a decent game for sure, and whilst it has very large shoes to fill, it just falls short in many metrics for me personally.

The positive is that it should be mod friendly, however I still can’t help but think the story is far too Larian 101 and not enough Baldurs Gate/Forgotten Realms.

Maybe I’m also just getting old.

In any case, I’ve done the patient gamer thing now and uninstalled the game. I’ll wait until it’s fully released and then give it my final judgement.


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