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I feel like Scandinavian and Greek mythologies are over represented in gaming. I would like for that to stop.

I'm a huge fan of folklore and mythology. I have nothing but awe and respect for both Norse and Greek mythology. I've read the Eddas and the works of Homeros.

I'm just dead tired of revisiting the same two mythologies again and again in video games.

Be it Hades, God of War, Assassins Creed, Valheim or a dozen more games you surely can name, the duopoly of these two worlds seem to rule the gaming space. Then there is the Japan aspect. A lot games are about the samurai age and treat that as a mythos. But how about the whole Shinto part of Japan? There's some really interesting stuff in that tradition, much, much more than just cool dudes wielding Katanas. Of course there are also a lot game that are set in the USA, because that's just the default setting of any entertainment media.

I know that it's mostly the executives that actually control the money for developing a video game that dictate what it's going to be. And they look at focus groups and what has been successful in the past. God of War is one of the greatest game series ever. So of course they want to copy that success with the setting. I understand this, I'm just frustrated by it. I had a lot more stuff to write here, but I'll leave that for some other time, I wanna keep this at a readable length.

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Hell, I wanna play game in the Bulgarian folklore! Or Pakistan, I'm interested on Jinns and all that. How about Nepal? Nepal sounds supers interesting! Have you heard about Kalevala, the Finnish poem collection of ancient heroics? Get me a triple A game in that universe and I'll buy it in a second. Raj: An Ancient Epic explored Indian folklore quite beautifully as an Indie title. But Hinduism has so incredibly rich universe to it! I find it so annoying to not be able to explore it more in video games.

I guess a TL;DR would be that I want new experiences for the setting of my video games.

P.S. I'm also very interested in hearing what the folks from Scandinavia and Greece feel about their cultural heritage being used this heavily in video games. Is it annoying? Is it nice?


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