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I fell in love with Silent Storm again after 15 years showing how the its void was never filled

Content of the article: "I fell in love with Silent Storm again after 15 years showing how the its void was never filled"

It must have been 2006 or so, when I ran into Silent Storm, a tactical isometric RPG that had little success commercially, yet it was something that I've barely ever encountered before, or after. Even though the game is bit of a hidden gem for those who enjoyed Jagged Alliance or the old Fallouts, I can see why it did not break into mainstream.

When I picked it up over the Christmas break it was inevitable to notice how the game had still a few bugs, how the mechanics were sometimes rather tiring and clumsy, and how the plot was either irrelevant or just silly, especially when approaching the whole Panzerklein act, yet that game had something that really twinkled my brain from the right spots. The squad based, turn-based, 2nd World War tactical RPG had something that many others missed. It really took the joy of planning ambushes, clearing buildings and finding ways to breach heavy defences to the next level by making every mission and every field into an organic puzzle that seemed to have endless outcomes. The environment that interacts heavily with explosions resulted unpredictable scenarios and encouraged to play in a creative manner and try different outcomes. Sometimes I would return to the same mission just to see if how an alternative tactic would work out. There was also a lot of unpredictability, which made the game fun, frustrating and replayable.

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Even with all its shortcomings Silent Storm really ticked so many boxes which most games did not. It made me realise, that there are not many squad sized, isometric, tactics games. Silent Storm had that little anarchy going on that made it so intriguing, while fine games such as UFO seemed a bit more clinical and boardgame-like, as RPS article puts it. Replaying the game really made me realise, how little attempts there has been on making something similar. I come back to the Steam recommendations to see if anything alike, turn-based or not, have come out in the past 16 years, just to disappoint myself. Closest thing it seems to be some much less RPG'ish tactical real time games, such as the Men of War series.

Nevertheless, Silent Storm is something special. When coming back to old games, I find myself often a bit dissapointed and rather go back to more recent titles, but that is not really an option in this case. Silent Storm was nearly one of a kind, although I do hope that one day I find a more current product that wouldn't need nostalgia to forgive its shortcomings.


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