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I finally fixed my PS+ cloud save uploading problems (error code: NP-31805-7)

So for two months I had been getting this error code (NP-31805-7) on my PS4 whenever the system automatically tried uploading my Tekken 7 and Days Gone saves to the PS+ cloud.

I reset my modem, router and PS4 and it didn't help. I looked online and saw others with the problem, but no answers. I called Sony Support, but that was a joke. They just kept linking me to generic PS4 Network Problem links, and eventually told me to ship my PS4 to them.

Last night, I remembered that I hadn't added port forwarding for my PS4 to my replacement router and did it. That may or may not have helped, but the main thing I did next fixed the problem… I manually uploaded the save files to the PS+ cloud myself! I can also confirm that it now automatically continues to upload newer saves like it did before since I did it myself one time.

I know why this worked after uploading the saves manually, and here is how to do it (this is a PS+ cloud save issue only, BTW):

Go to the game's file on the PS4's UI screen and hit the Options button. Select "Upload/Download" and you will see all the save files for the game that currently sit on your PS4 on the left. On the right, you will see the older versions of those files that were saved on the PS+ cloud. Simply select each file on your PS4 (I did it one by one) and manually copy it over to the cloud until you are done.

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Here's why the error occurred… if you are experiencing the NP-31805-7 code like I did, the glitch is that your old cloud saves are considered to be more recent than the new saves on your PS4! It's bizarre, but that is what happened to me.

When I tried to copy new saves over the old cloud saves, I got a warning saying the two month old cloud saves were newer, and did I really want to replace them. I said yes, it worked, and now all is well. This HAS to be done manually at least once because when your my PS4 tried to automatically upload the new saves to the cloud, apparently it didn't do it because it too got the mistaken warning that the cloud saves were the most recent ones which stopped the process, so it simply reported Error Code NP-31805-7.

I hope this helps someone else having the problem like I did, and hopefully this is resolved with the PS5. I mean, if it uses the same PSN Network and the same PS+ cloud service, we can't assume it won't happen in the future.


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