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I finally played the original Half-Life

Content of the article: "I finally played the original Half-Life"

I think I bought it on the Orange Box a few years ago and only played up to Office Complex. It's been sitting in my steam library ever since. Now in quarantine I decided to replay Portal 1 & 2, saw the Half-Life references and decided to try it again.

Honestly, it's been great. I usually don't like shooters because I find them boring but this was a nice surprise. I especially loved the weapons and the enemy variety, figuring out which weapon is the most efficient against a enemy, trying different approaches or just overkilling a weak enemy with a powerful gun is a lot of fun. I also dig the scenarios, even though sometimes I can't tell what something is because of blocky 90s graphics I think they are very creative and fun to explore.

Platforming was the part I hated the most through the game, but it grew on me. I was more nervous while jumping than during difficult firefights, but in retrospect I didn't miss my jumps that much. It's just that Gordon moves way too fast and it seems like I won't make it, but there's a bit of air control during the jump that makes things easier while not making it less tense. Of course I could save scum after every jump, but that just kills the mood.

Also, this game managed to scare me. I think horror is my favorite genre but these days it's rare to find something that really scares me. The atmosphere makes me tense, there are enemies hidden behind doors or breaking through the ceiling that managed to give me a good jumpscare. A random HECU soldier with a shotgun after a laser dodging section was better than most horror movies

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Xen was also a great raise of difficulty. Ammo scarcity became my biggest problem, the fact that my most used weapons ran out quickly and I had to learn how to actually use the other weapons made me realize just how good this game is.

Might not be relevant, but I want to add: playing this is special for me because it was a game I really wanted to play as a kid but my mom never let me because it was too violent. Now I'm a grown adult and nobody can stop me.

I played a bit of Half-Life 2 in the past too, but I don't even remember where I stopped. I always knew these games were good but I'm still surprised. Since I have the entire series (except HL Alyx) on Steam I'll have to play the rest now.


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