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I finally played through THE LAST OF US 1 (albeit very late). Anyone wanna discuss?

So I've heard all the hype for this since it released and always wanted to check it out, but just never got around to actually doing so. I think I bought the remastered version in 2016 and finally started playing it last week and got through it in a few days. I figured now that I have a 4K TV, a PS4 Pro and the remastered version (along with a lot of free time) I had no excuses.

Overall opinions; good not great. Maybe it was all the hype I had but it didn't exactly live up to what I had heard. The story definitely felt like it hit all of the beats I'm familiar with in a zombie story, although the characters of Ellie and Joel are engaging enough that it didn't bother me too much. However, it did strike me as funny because towards the end of the college campus chapter I was thinking "wow I'm surprised they haven't pulled the 'friendly stranger who ends up being in a cannibal cult' twist yet" and then, lo and behold, the very next chapter focuses on that.

However, even if a story is cliche, it isn't necessarily bad; the performances from both voice actors and the motion capture is fucking astonishing; I can't even deny Naughty Dog just pushes the goddamn envelope like nobody else. In terms of gameplay, though, the one thing that really held me back was the AI and how it handled NPCs. The fact that anyone other than me could literally walk right in front of a guard and not get noticed really broke my immersion a number of times. The gunplay was fine, although nothing special.

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Maybe it was just the insane expectations I had from 7 years of people hyping it up, but I definitely didn't feel as blown away as so many others did, and I'm wondering how anyone who may have played it (or replayed it) recently felt.

Any thoughts?


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