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I find it disappointing so many of the major MMORPGs overtune visual effects

Content of the article: "I find it disappointing so many of the major MMORPGs overtune visual effects"

I find that so many of the major MMORPGs today seem to overwhelm the screen with visual effects. Gw2, WoW, ESO, FF14, etc. Switching between classic wow and retail, the difference is just startling.

I've thought about why and I can't fault the developers. Players seem to love it. Ranging from armor (Looking at your Gw2 with your armor that makes me feel like I'm looking into the sun), to skill effects, to just regular attacks. The thing is that when you do these thing in small groups or solo, they're not that bad. And I think that's where the issue starts. Every player wants to *feel* epic. They want to *feel* powerful and cool. So they have this crazy armor, doing these crazy attacks, and it is alright in small situations. But you start grouping up with players in a raid, PvP, or just in general; it quickly becomes too much. It seems like so many people don't even pay attention to what's actually going on in the screen. They're just watching their "raid profiles". Watching who is low and who has what debuffs. I mean I swear sometimes I'm playing these games and I start to get a headache from just that feeling of being overwhelmed.

It sucks for me because when the screen gets absolutely flooded with effects, it takes me out of the game. I find it completely immersion breaking and just reinforces that you're in a "themepark". Yeah, not all MMORPGs are like this. But so many of the major ones are. I've also found that this is one of the major reasons some MMORPGs PvPs never really "pick up". Because for spectators, or even players, its so hard to figure out what is happening during a fight. For spectators, it takes away from the viewing pleasure and understanding big plays/important fights. For players, it makes it even harder to learn as you go. And to learn from your mistakes.

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I really don't have a good solution to it, because as I said earlier…I get it. You want players to feel epic. And that's the easiest/seemingly most effective way to do it.


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