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I finished The Last of Us Left Behind. A little bit more flawed than the Last of Us, but still a fantastic addition.

Content of the article: "I finished The Last of Us Left Behind. A little bit more flawed than the Last of Us, but still a fantastic addition."

Here's the post I made when I finished the last of us:

So, the last of us is a fantastic game. Favourite of all time. So, I waited three weeks to let it stew before playing the DLC, Left Behind.

Left Behind is such a great addition. It adds some new elements into the gameplay and does some fleshing out of the world and Ellie.

The narrative struggled to grab me at first. The duality of the different timelines was poetic, but you know they survive. You know what happens next, after this small little segment of Joel and especially Ellie's story. A lot of what grabbed me in the last of us was the unpredictability of the world and how there was no guarantees. Left Behind just didnt have that.

I played on, and the story eventually got there. I became invested in Ellie's past, and it does a fantastic job of fleshing her out. It adds so much to the emotional scenes. I thought Riley and Ellie were great together.

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The gameplay did a fantastic job of making you feel like Ellie. You arent the powerhouse that is Joel. You will be punished for getting in a melee, whereas Joel just bonks them on the head with a pipe, ellie takes a couple hits cos shes only a kid.

The combat encounters were great. Seeing infected and humans interact was a fantastic way to switch up the combat. Running away from the infected too did wonders for the world, in which you are reminded that the infected are a real threat.

The ending was perfect.

It's more the Last of Us, what did you expect?

Side note: I dont see a reason for a sequel. Part II seems redundant. I'll play it when it goes on cheap, sure, but if I dont like it I'll consider it non-canon.

Edit: Some people have been saying I sound like I'm ready to hate the second one. That's wrong. The second has such good visuals it's already a decent game. I havent played it, though. When I play it I'll form my own opinions on it. It's just that the controversy surrounding it has me worried it will ruin my favourite game of all time, and if it does, I'll consider it a non-canon spinoff cos it's not for me and I want to live in my paradise in which joel and ellie live happily ever after. I really hope it adds to the first one, in narrative. If the gameplay is the same, well, I'll definitely play through the whole thing. To quote myself, "it's more the Last of Us, what did you expect?" Its more the Last of Us. I hope I'll love it. But I am prepared for the worst. I dont have an opinion on the game, cos I havent played it. Simple.

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