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I hate seeing people promote the lie that you can vote with your wallet

Content of the article: "I hate seeing people promote the lie that you can vote with your wallet"

With yet another games controversy, I see this suggestion being promoted again.

Voting with your wallet is just Boycott worded differently, and we all know that doesn't work, ever. Remember Pokemon Sword and Shield? Remember Call of friggin Duty?

Maybe I am preaching to the choir here, maybe y'all know better.

AAA publishers don't care about us, because we do not matter to their wallets. You, a gamer who is passionate enough about gaming to visit a subreddit for it is not the target audience for most AAA games. The games industry is the most profitable media industry in the world. Larger than the movie industry, and us passionate about the industry does not make up a significant part of the playerbase. They can ignore our small passionate group as long as they can hit one of the other larger demographics.

Sure, for smaller indie titles, gamer activism can work, and we can push for change through voting with your wallet when the playerbase is small and passionate, but it doesn't work for big publishers. The father of 2, coming home from a 9 hour work day isn't going to get involved in our game industry activism and not buy the game for 100 dollars. And they are certainly not going to grind for items instead of paying through microtransactions.

You aren't going to convince the teenager not to get the game that all his friends are playing because doing so is harmful to the health of the games industry.

There are only two things that can scare AAA publishers onto the right path (and I know this is going to sound very scary to a lot of US redditors), and that is game developer unions, and government intervention. Game devs don't want harmful practices in their games, Obviously not. They want their games presented in the best way, without requiring you to pay extra up front or through microtransactions to experience their work, but they don't have much say in the matter. It is not like they are going to get paid more because we are paying 70 instead of 60 USD for a videogame.

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The second is government intervention. We saw that with Star Wars Battlefront 2. For once gamer outrage actually did something, because it was about a popular mainstream franchise that people outside of gaming is familiar with and the outrage reached the mainstream media and lawmakers started speaking out about it.

If you want games companies to change, you either need to support the developers who want more power over their products, or support scary government intervention.


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