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I have $45 bucks and am looking to pick up some games out of the sale going on right now in my local store

Ok so my local game store frequently has sales and I tend to pick up some titles when I get through some of my backlog. The options I've narrowed it down to are

Dragon quest XI definitve edition. Now I'm not a big fan of traditional RPGs but this one caught my attention. I played the 10 hour long demo and fell in love with it. It captures the feeling of adventure perfectly and the story seemed somewhat interesting for an RPG. $20

Doom (2016). I also played the demo for this game and while I didn't like it as much as the Dragon quest demo it was still good. It really does make you feel like a badass and is a somewhat simple shooter which I like. $15

Dragon Age Inquisition: From what I've seen this game looks similar to skyrim but I've never personally played skyrim so I wouldn't be able to tell. People have also compared it to the Witcher which I hope it's not as I personally didn't like the Witcher. It has alot of rewards $15

Streets of Rage 4: I remember playing streets of rage 2 when I was younger so this game brings back some memories of that. Overall looks like a fun beat em up. $10

Devil may cry 5: Another game I played the demo for and fell in love with. The combat feels fresh in a weird way plus the characters seem entertaining. $15

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Fist of the northstar lost paradise: Played the demo and is very similar to Yakuza (atleast to 0 as that's the only one I've played) the main protagonist seems great and the story is decent. What gets me is the combat which I really enjoy. $12

Nioh 2: Like the premise for this game and it's been on my radar scince release. The customization and how weapon choice effects playstyle seems really cool. However I've heard this game is darksouls levels of hard which is sort of a deterrent as I stopped playing bloodborne for that reason. $15

Hitman GOTY Edition: Played the hitman 2 demo and didn't like it, however I played the hitman 3 demo and loved it. The freedom to choose how you want to complete missions is entertaining and adds replayability. I'd this similar? $12

And that's it, which ones should I pick up? Don't reccomend me games not available on ps4 in the comments because there is always that 1 person that's like "HADES".


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