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I have grown to despise Spiderman PS4

I think that this was the game that broke me.

I know it was and is very popular, and this will likely be filled with replies trying to say I'm the inferior element (going on 3 years of "Git Gud" as a reasoned response)

It is WAY too hard. WAAAAY too hard. Granted I'm in my 30s when it released, but my skills aren't THAT deteriorated. I regularly blast through the (similar) Arkham games, Monster Hunter, Guilty Gear, Tekken, Doom Eternal on Ultra Violence, plenty of games that are considered at least challenging.

This game is punishing, merciless, and feels less like a Spider-Man game and more like a colorfully twisted Dark Souls with swinging. Instead of being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, NYC is a demilitarized zone and outgunned Peter needs to gtfo. Even the Kingpin "tutorial" was bewildering.

I hate to dismiss so many opinions, but are people who enjoy this game familiar with Spider-Man's powers? He has super strength, you know. You'd never find out from playing this game though. Every single street thug has superhuman reaction time, superhuman strength, and apparently such perfect aim they will regularly take shots at their own guys if I'm beside them. Even on the easiest difficulty, you spend most of the time dodging the relentless torrent of projectiles flinging at you from all directions instead of doing any sort of combat combination. And there is zero lead-in either, within minutes of launching the game, you will regularly be shot at by multiple street level thugs with guided missile launchers and it never ends.

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Whenever playing a SUPERhero game, there must be an element of fantasy wish fulfillment. The Batman Arkham games really make you feel like a bat-bruiser, involved in the gritty martial style of both the Nolan films and the comics. Mad Max made you feel like a road warrior. Spider-Man makes me feel like the entire population of NYC have enhanced abilities and at the VERY least there would be no way Peter Parker would ever consider himself powerful enough to address crime. Powerless Batman felt so much stronger.

The game isn't without redeeming qualities; the swinging and open world are just fantastic. The story is engaging, but I'm frustrated that I don't get to see more of it as the rest becomes so infuriating that I couldn't keep abusing myself to get there.

Which brings me to the MOST infuriating part, and why I'm venting here to you fine folks. My son was too young when it first launched, but has caught up in the ensuing years. And he is obsessed with Spider-Man (which is a good thing) and of course wants to play the Spider-Man game. He can't handle the combat, so I can set him up to just swing around and avoid missions, but inevitably he will get pulled into one. And once you start a mission, you're stuck in it until it's complete. You can't leave, it just forces you to turn around. You can't abandon the mission, you have to just complete it. Which means the controller gets shunted over to me again, and I have to relive this ungodly terror again. After all, every city alley I've ever walked down in real life had at LEAST 18 heavily armed guys shooting into the air with the accuracy of Carlos Hathcock. Which makes me feel like the Spider-Man character aspect is the carrot, and the rest of the game is one big stick.

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So let's go online shall we? I mean, I actually like looking up stuff like this, surely there's some help or hope? Nah, just oceans of fanboys without a shred of advice or sympathy, just "Get Good" repeated ad infinitum and obscene amounts of money thrown at the Miles Morales sequel that as far as I can see should have been DLC for this albatross. The occasional cryptic reference to character improvements, as though I just walked in from 1950 and never heard of such a thing and haven't been doing exactly that. If I improved the wrong things, then that is some fundamental gameplay issue, and I will never start this torture over again. I've given up on trying to master the game, or even get through it. Now it's just become a point of contention between my son and I, where nobody gets to see what Spider-Man can really do.

There have been other games I didn't care for, even some I actively hated, but I wanted to love this game so much, I want to unlock more of it, I WANT to finish it, but the process is infuriating and NOT fun for me or my family, and my time is worth more than that. Now I just want to BE finished with it.

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