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I just can’t play PvP anymore.

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Multiplayer games now have battlepasses, toxic communities, hackers, they are no longer casual friendly, they optimize the fun out of the game, and you yourself stop caring about the fun and only focus on the winning, whilst it's addictive, its a huge amount of hours that you have to pour just to get good, get cosmetics from battlepasses and other stuffs require your money and your hours of life to spent. Making it a non enjoyable experience for you and for everyone else involved. Stopping playing these games made me realize that there are really good experiences in life, with other games or just other hobbies.

I'm here trying to study for an exam that I have next Tuesday, as I was able to finish studying for today, I started wondering about something, rambling in my mind about it.

There is this weird feeling about multiplayer games now, where I feel like no one is having fun with them, I mostly played FPS games like csgo, titanfall, Apex legends, Overwatch, Paladins to name a few, but also League of Legends, fortnite and stuff like that in those times.

But, even when the game seems really damn fun at first glance, after a few hours that you have played them, you start to get competitive, at least for me, and as more competitiveness you get, the less fun you have, in Apex instead of being exited about winning, you get infuriated with losing even more.

Then, I remembered watching a Video on youtube and a phrase stuck with me all this time saying "Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game" I know it was reciting an article that I couldn't find. And it's the most truest spoken word that rings with me in so many levels.

For starters, this is something that does happens in almost if not every game, you try to optimize your playstyle but at the some times you get rid of the fun of the game too.

I remember then stuff like microtransactions and battlepasses and it's even more clearer that this is not only the player fault, but these too. You want that sick skin for your weapon/character? you have to "GRIND" these "MISSIONS" for them, but AFTER you have already PAYED THEM.

I don't personally hate microtransactions that gives you one skin without you having to do extra work to unlock them or when they are seriously overpriced. I do dislike battlepasses and lootboxes.

Now I have some different topics that I want to discuss here. First off:

Optimizing the fun out of the game:

this is something that happens in both sides of the equation, and it affect the games tremendously, I remember playing Lol and get frustrated because of META overpowered champions, like having a Garen giving 0 shits about torrets and your attacks, or an Ekko full tank capable of oneshotting your ADC. I remember that shortly after I stopped playing Fortnite, they introduced Mechas and everyone was angry because of how unstoppable they were. In apex you had Gibraltar getting buffed and buffed patch by patch too if I remember correctly.

These stuffs makes you feel bad because your work to get to your level was for nothing if someone decided to pick these and be even more efficient than you at your best. While this is not exactly why I stopped playing them.

I have to talk about ME optimizing the fun out of the games: this is where people try to be better at the games to climb higher and higher every time, and you have to play a lot to get there and have a really good understanding of the game too, every loss starts to feel even more, and every win starts to feel even less, basically this was what happened to me, and raging starts to get frequent after that.

Then… why the fuck I played this game? It hit me: I DON'T have FUN with the game ANYMORE, the only EXCITING thing to happen is WINNING, and if you only care about winning, you get to where I stand, someone who rages about nothing but a game.

I can divide it 3 phases:

1) You have fun with the game

2) You now try to get good

3) You stopped having fun entirely, but you kinda got good and you still get stomped, you succeeded! you optimized the fun out of the game, now instead of a game, its a job.

This is where i get the state when someone is sweaty, thirsty and all that stuff, you are like that because you want to win and nothing else, you don't care about the game, The game there is just a mean by which you can (HAVE TO) win.

This is where the only satisfaction you get is by winning and to increase your bragging about it with your rank and stuff like that.

This exact same experience I have had it with the games I mentioned and even more. And its one if not the most toxic feeling I ever had the displeasure to feel.

Now I want to talk about the very one micro transaction that I dislike the most


It's not the lootboxes, THIS one is the most toxic thing I've ever saw. This is because of various reasons, but I'll try to resume it with only one: it gets you hooked.

Yeah, yeah, its optional, you most of the times only pay it once and thats it, you keep it forever blah blah blah.

The idea behind Battlepasses is SO genius that whoever got the idea NEEDS to be at least the CEO of the company by now, "remember when you had to play and get good to get cosmetics in games for completely free? in the first years of xbox 360 and ps3 and even before that too? well, what if we bring it back, but make it "seasoned" and you have to pay for it first, oh but lets make it a huge fucking grind and timed" Its basically a fucking drug, you have to pay so much attention about "secondary" missions in your games just so you get a cosmetic, you have to grind weird "challenges" where you have to do something that most of the time you can´t do in your games just because of how much RNG is involved in those challenges, and then you have to waste your precious time with these stuffs because you can´t complete them in only one match most of the time.

In my case, with Fortnite and Apex, I stopped playing the real game just to try and do those challenges for "muh cosmeticcs", and when you have to focus more in those challenges instead of the real game, it´s just nuts man, you try to complete them at any time you can, you stop playing to enjoy the game and try to play it for those things, and it´s not like the game lets you play without them either once you have them, because each time you DONT try to do them, you are wasting time because those cosmetics once they are gone, they are NOT coming back, so instead of a fun game for you, it becomes a multitasking acquisition of skins, another job, but its more ridiculous because YOU are paying to work now.

These things, with the competitiveness that I have made me dislike a lot of things.

I have another things to say about multiplayer, too, I´ll talk now about the communities

Multiplayer games are no longer casual friendly: you know it, I know it, the communities for fortnite, apex, league of legends, csgo are some of the most toxics of the entire gaming world, I remember watching a youtube video about league of legends this years and the guy straightfaced said "if you want to get better, you have to pour 8 hours a day" mate, there are only 24 hours a day, you are recommending to literally waste 8 hours of YOUR life that YOU are not getting back anymore, EVERYDAY a week, just to get better. Now while its obvious that you will improve after doing such thing, you are wasting so much of your own life where you can easily be doing things or playing other games where you can get much more joy out of them than playing a game where the only thing you want is get better, not having fun. (Jesus I wrote a lot of "where")

And this is not him I'm blaming, its this toxic behavior of the communities, these very same thing happens everywhere "oh you can't farm for that black cool cosmetic for the S4 battlepass of fortnite because you have a family and a job to attend? or because you are in college and you have to study a lot? well fuck you, you pussy, you should quit those things and play like a real gamer like me you casual" Seriously, people was basically like that in the S4 battlepass of 2018 of Fortnite. No game ever have to suck your soul for 8 hours straight just because of some lame cosmetic, and what gives value to these things is that they are one-time only, once they are out, you cannot try to get them anymore.

Same with playing in these games too, like, actual playing, you can't even enter a CASUAL match anywhere without people trying their ever-living hardest, you have to also play your hardest there because if not, you will always lose against a 1000000K wraith, gibraltar and a 180 noscoping pathfinder if you didn't try your hardest.

Then you also have hackers, like in CSGO, which was the latest PvP game I stopped playing this year.

Everything was going so well, but then in casual I started getting against hackers, no problem, was just a match in casual, I can quit it and find another, but then in Competitive, A friend and me got one player with wallhack, the guy also was with his crew so they, not only knew about him with wallhack, but whenever this guy died, he started calling us and our spots, my friend did two things, he killed him in (we were in mirage) middle (I believe it was called) from long range with the auto shotgun, the other thing he did was search for the names of these assholes and found out one of them was streaming in twitch, these assholes got angry and started flaming my friend because he killed the dude with hacks with a shotgun from long range. You have to be a huge dick to flame, but even a huger one to do it whilst using hacks. This was the first and only time we encountered a hacker in a ranked match, needless to say, we just stopped playing right there and there, we grew so goddamn tired of having people like that in other games that we just stopped playing this too, and its such a shame because I loved CSGO too.

When I'm saying that PvP games are no longer casual friendly I refer to this attitude where, everyone expects you to be the best ever, or you are just fucking trash, there is no in between, people saying that everyone below (put rank position that favors him but not most people here) is useless or stuff like that.

This is that weird culture where you are constantly in shame and ashamed of your rank, your playstyle or whatever, and it gets tougher and tougher and you struggle to maintain the toxicity out of your way, you have to bear with it all the goddamn time, I remember playing Lol and having like 16 losses one after the other, and then in the next match I got with a guy that stopped playing entirely, he stood in one place without doing nothing except INSULT me, JUST because of my 16 losses, the guy literally did jack shit, and we lost, then said that this defeat was because of me and stuffs like that.

After things like this, is when you stop playing those games and there is two things that comes back to you:

First off: you get tranquility, there is this feeling of a huge weigh in your shoulders that just stops being there and is soooooo goood, its a feeling about not caring about anything of said game anymore, nothing matters, your rank nor your teammates nothing else matters. You just liberated yourself from the toxicity.

Second: now you can play other games that might be even more enjoyable, you get to experience diversity in games instead of playing 500 hours of one single experience.

The first one is miles ahead of important than the second in my opinion, because you get to live with this new breathing in life, one that doesn't get focused in negativity and competitiveness, and it's one of those tastes in life that are hard to pinpoint, but it's there nonetheless. Its like playing that huge campaign and, even if it was really damn fun, you get to say "its finally over" (i'm not saying this in a bad way).

The last thing that I want to say is mostly pointed to Warframe

There is a phrase that says that one person has two lifes, one begins when they are born, the other begins when they get to know that there IS only one life. (something like that)

This game could of been easily in my list of games that are a 10/10 even with their problems, but Warframe has one huge problem that made me stop playing it.

It's a game that just doesn't respect YOUR time. Just like battlepasses. You have to get there and farm the everliving fuck out of the game just for one single thing. You want this warframe? good, you know have to farm these missions to get these materials to then create these stuffs to then make these 3 stuffs that require you to wait 24 hours each to then wait for 3 days MORE to create finally achieve that desired warframe.

Its a free to play game, but its paywall is different from others, here you pay with hours of your life or pay with money, you decide, and as they say "time is money". I remember playing and doing one mission for 114 times just to get Ivara's head, I played HOURS to get it, just to use Ivara itself even less than said hours I wasted farming her. The amount of hours you have to put in this game JUST for ONE thing is nuts, it doesn't respect you nor your life nor anything else, you have to grind and farm things and luckily, while farming for this warframe you also, without you intending to, get to farm other stuffs that are in the way. I stopped playing around 2017, having played 950 hours more or less.

I LOVED the game, I played it from night to morning everyday, my eyes got red REGULARLY from staring at the monitor for SO LONG.

I wanted to mention this game even though it's not PvP, but because of the problems I have said before, are also here, although the community is really good.

But when you have to pay with your life, just to get stuffs, it's not good, after 900 I still had tons of content that I couldn't access because of how much stuff you have to physically wait to get, it's literally just another way to cheaply extend the game without putting any effort from the side of the developers, and even though I have to praise them for a lot of the things they've made, and even though they themselves seem to be really good people, this very thing is what I truly hate about the game and I can't play it anymore because of that.

And the sad thing is, that this applies to many more games too, specially those with battlepass.

Fortunately, this is all I have to say against PvP and Warframe, so because of how much negative I was with this, I'd like to end this with a final message

At the very start of this year, I stopped playing Apex and started using blender, a program where you can do stuffs in 3D and really cool other things too, the program is completely free and it has one of the best communities that I saw in my life, why i'm saying this?, it's because I was able to find a hobby that doesn't require me being angry all the time, it doesn't require me spent millions of hours in my life, there is tons of support, tons of really good tutorials on youtube and made me realize that even studying other stuffs is fun and even more enjoyable than playing a game just to win, and heck, it can even get you a job, I am currently studying other stuffs like Unity, C# and Japanese, things that I've touched a little before but now I am touching IT HARDER.

I could of keep going with apex, but because I decided it wasn't worth it anymore, I was able to enjoy being calm and learning stuffs that can actually matter in my personal daily life, I'm also studying to finish school because, as a fucking idiot that I am, I dropped school after my father died, now at 22 I'm trying hard in other stuffs that are not games, stuff that matter even more than them, It's because of these recent years that I can actually be proud of myself instead of hating me all the time and that was one of the best achievements I've had in my entire life, because I felt so useless and unhappy with everything after my father died, that now I don't need him to be here with me to feel like this, I also feel like I grew as a person too thanks to him and thanks to my sisters, that helped me realize stuffs that I didn't take into consideration before.

I'm planning on keep studying, drawing, and learning more stuffs after finishing school, and hopefully find more interesting things in life.

I'm by no means trying to say that you should stop playing games that make you happy, if you are playing the games I listed here and you felt attacked, i'm sorry, but what i've said here, all this was my personal experience and opinion, and if you had a totally different experience and opinion, that is freaking great!, that means that you were able to find joy in things that I couldn't, and that is also part of life too, not everyone is going to enjoy the very same things.

Hopefully this is a wake-up for people that are feeling just like I did. Because at the very end, I was addicted to winning.

If you got interested in Blender, I can recommend Blender guru's donut tutorial from 2019 and then add Grant abbitt's tutorials too!

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