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I just completed Jedi Fallen Order, and I loved it

Content of the article: "I just completed Jedi Fallen Order, and I loved it"

I was reluctant to play Jedi Fall Order due to EA's past with Star Wars games, but let me just say, this is the exception. This felt nothing like an EA game, and more like a Naughty Dig or even Rockstar game. Its open-world feel mixed with its outstanding gameplay makes for an awesome experience. The progressive ability system allows for tons of replayability. The game mechanics, control, and overall feel are some of the best I've seen in a while. The story is definitely one of the best Star Wars stories I've played in a while. Sure, some of the characters were a little bland, but there were still enough key plot points, twists, and character growth moments to allow for a riveting story. The graphics are wonderful and the planets, aliens, and AI feel alive. The music is great but after all, it is star wars music so of course its great. The collectibles are fun to collect, but not too out of the way, and the game doesn't force you to collect any of them. The rest system is extremely balanced (if you rest you regain all of your health but all of the enemies respawn) and the skill point system is as well (points earned while playing can be used to "buy" different abilities such as extra health or new lightsaber attacks). The combat is excellent and there are plenty of different fighting moves to make every single stormtrooper kill unique. The characters are likable and the story actually FEELS like a star wars game, set in the star wars universe. The puzzles are challenging but solvable and the maps feel diverse in the number of routes you can go on and the ways you can go about passing them. The parkour is excellent and the lightsabers are even better. The blocking and attacking feels REAL, and mixed with the different force abilities, the game creates an incredibly immersive star wars adventure game, full of puzzles, parkour, and realistic star wars combat. 10/10 -GuitarShark865

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