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I just couldn’t get into games from the 8th generation

So now that we are in 9th gen, I reflected back on my gaming experiences from the PS4 gen. While I did enjoy some of the titles, I didn't like the majority of the stuff. While I have never been a hardcore gamer and I have always played games at my own pace, playing about 1-2 hours per day, I always used to enjoy my games. I kept thinking about them even when I was not playing and kept yearning for them. Games like Max Payne 1,2, GTA SA, GTA 4, PoP trilogy, Cod MW series, HITMAN Blood Money, Skyrim, early Assassin Creed games, older NFS titles, etc. I have fond memories of playing them and immensely enjoyed them.

But the last generation has not been as appealing to me. While a part of it has to do with growing up and being busier, I just can't seem to enjoy games from last-gen even when I have plenty of free time. Whenever I set out to play critically acclaimed games such as RDR2, HZD, AC Odessey and newer ACs, Bloodborne, Witcher 3(this I enjoyed for some time), newer Far Crys, Dark Souls, I get bored pretty quickly. I also feel overwhelmed by the amount of content in these games. I also hate the cinematic storytelling in games, it takes away the 'gaming' aspect imo.

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For a while, I thought I had grown out of gaming given the fact that I was not able to enjoy games anymore. But then, I tried playing some older games which I hadn't played before and to my pleasant surprise, I immediately loved them. Splinter Cell 1, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bioshock 1, AC 1 etc. I experienced that feeling of falling in love with games again. I also enjoyed some of the games this gen like Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015, RE2 remake, Titanfall 2, DMC 5 etc. These games, like the older games, strike a perfect balance between story and gameplay and have perfect pacing imo.

I think that it's the huge open-world nature and the cinematic aspect of modern games that put me off. I have made up my mind to stick to linear games and really analyze the game before purchasing it now rather than running after the hype. Have any of you also experienced this? What are your thoughts?


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