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I just finished Monster Girl Quest – I’m speechless

A couple weeks ago I was lamenting to a friend of mine that it feels like turn based RPGs are a dead genre. I used to love games like The Legend of Dragoon and the PS1 Final Fantasies when I was growing up, and while I enjoy games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, I find turn based RPGs that are actually good to be few and far between these days.

So my friend told me to try a game called Monster Girl Quest. It's a hentai visual novel with turn based combat but I think you'll like it he told me.

I don't consider myself to be a very puritanical person and I was bored so I said fuck it. Why not. I'll give this weird hentai game a try. Can't possibly be worse than trying the newest AAA game that bores me to tears just by looking at it.

This game has porn and lots of it. It's also got a lot of stuff in it that I think would offend and/or disgust a lot of folks. As bad as you think it is based on that description, it's probably worse. It also has a story that is so great and so beautiful that it caused me to well up with tears at one point.

To give a non-spoilery synopsis… You play as Luka, a young hero that sets out on a journey with some contradictory goals. In the world of Monster Girl Quest there's 4 kinds of people. There's men, women, monsters and angels. Monsters and angels are naturally all female since this is a hentai game. The angels serve the Goddess Ilias, whom the humans worship as the creator of the universe and all life. Ilias teaches that all monsters are evil and that humanity should do its best to eradicate them, particularly the Monster Lord that serves as the antithesis of Ilias.

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The goal of Luka's quest, officially, is to reach the Monster Lord's castle and slay her. Personally though, he believes that humans and monsters can potentially get along, but that the Monster Lord is evil and without her influence monsters would stop raping and pillaging human towns.

Simple enough premise. So why is this game so great? For that I gotta get into spoilers. So from this point on everything will be spoiler tagged. The most I can say without getting into spoiler territory is that the characters, writing and even the music are all top notch.

Early in the game Luka picks up a travelling companion, a woman named Alice. Alice is the cynical atheist type. She's not literally an atheist but she thumbs her nose at Luka's Goddess. Alice serves as the perfect foil to Luka's naive optimism and religious zealotry. She also happens to be the Monster Lord, the very object of his quest.

Luka is pretty shit at first but as is typical with RPGs he grows stronger both physically and mentally throughout his journey. As he goes along he learns that Alice is the Monster Lord, but he decides to continue his journey anyway as he believes that Alice's generals, the four heavenly knights are the ones responsible for most of the world's problems. So his journey becomes more about defeating them rather than defeating Alice. Eventually, about two thirds through the game, he does in fact reach the Monster Lord's castle. After a fierce battle with

Luka manages to defeat the four heavenly knights. Afterwards Alice's voice echoes through the castle telling Luka to come face her in her throne room. When he arrives Alice tells him that this is the end of their journey together. One of us will die here. If the Monster Lord is defeated by a human then humanity will not have to live in fear of the monsters any longer. But she will not entrust the future to someone that is weak that has no resolve. Alice attacks Luka. The epic boss music starts up and… Alice is surprisingly weak. With the news powers Luka's gained he's basically untouchable at this point. This is less a boss battle and more an execution. So you bring Alice's HP down to 0 and then

Alice tells you to finish her. Swing your sword downward and the journey is over. You're still in combat. It's your turn. This is where the devs got me good. I got so immersed in what was happening that for a few moments I forgot this was a game. I genuinely did not want to kill Alice. It felt wrong. It felt more perverse than any of the fucked up hentai scenes I'd seen up to this point. She's a good person. She doesn't deserve to die. So with shaky hands I hit the wait command, cause I sure as fuck wasn't gonna attack. Alice asks why you're hesitating. I wait again and the battle ends.

In the next scene Luka declares that if the price of his dreams is killing Alice he would rather let his dreams die. He then chastises her, calling her self sacrifice escapism, because it's easier for her to die than to own up to mistakes she's made in the past and to actually use her power to build a better world. God. Is. Pissed. The Goddess Ilias comes down from the heavens and declares that Luka's choice has doomed the world. If even a great hero like Luka can be seduced by evil then humanity is too flawed to be saved, thus Ilias will end all life and remake everything from scratch. A whole bunch of shit happens between that and the end of the game. I'm not gonna get into the details of the ending but I will say it's some honest to god Final Fantasy killing God at the edge of space and time kind of shit.

If you want to see the final boss fight, it's on YouTube. It's a bit NSFW, a few seconds of censored nudity and some suggestive language at a few points.

Honestly though, I'd recommend just playing the game. Just keep it out of the reach of children and anyone that would judge you too harshly for playing something this degenerate. 10/10 Game imo. Very linear since it's a visual novel but that doesn't bother me much.


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