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I Just Finished the Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy (No Spoilers)

So when I was still in school I played the first AC game and thought it was pretty good (definitely wouldn't want to re-play it today though). I'd also played Bloodlines on PSP and I bought collector's editions for ACII and AC Brotherhood (I was more of a 360 gamer at the time), yet never actually finished those. I'd started ACII but for whatever reason just never put much effort into it and probably only played for 2-3 hours.

Fast forward to about December last year and talk of some of the newer games interested me. I knew the most recent ones were less assassin or stealth type games, but the settings looked cool and I wanted to see what I've missed. Being a true patient gamer, I don't really like to play games out of order and when I saw a big sale I figured I'd pick up a few of the older games since they were dirt cheap.

Overall I really enjoyed these three games and I've just downloaded ACIII (though I nearly skipped this as I heard a lot of negativity about it).

I think the progression of Ezio as a character across the trilogy was good but I didn't like the random time skips in ACII. It skipped about 10 years at one point but you would hardly have known if it didn't tell you. The games were incredibly buggy, even to the point of crashing multiple times. I also had this weird issue with Bluetooth, where if my devices disconnected from my PC, I'd had to restart the entire game to reconnect them (even with audio).

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Brotherhood seemed very much like it should have been an expansion or DLC of sorts. It continues straight where ACII left off and doesn't really add much aside from the assassin recruitment system (which was a pretty cool addition once you get into it). I will say the combat feels a lot more fluid and fun, mostly because of chain executions. I definitely enjoyed this one since it really just built on what was already good with ACII.

Revelations was a cool game too, but I often felt like it was a bit of a cash grab in that it didn't connect to the previous two games much at times and almost seemed like an afterthought. The start of the game was awesome and I was excited about the setting, but that was quickly left behind for a less interesting Turkey. I still really liked this game and I thought the ending (minus the real-world stuff) was great. It definitely felt like a more polished version of the previous two games, whilst feeling different enough. It did seem like it could have spent more time exploring other aspects of the story, like Ezio's romantic interests and his family (which are pretty much nowhere to be seen), but the developers seemed to focus a lot on Altair and the crossover between the two characters, which I guess was kinda cool too.

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In some ways, I feel like I would have appreciated these games a bit more a few years ago but they still hold up well and I'd recommend playing them, despite their many shortcomings. The stories were decent but ruined by the modern-day and supernatural stuff imo. The stealth could have been better too, even though it seems like that's a focus of these games (I hear Unity improved on this), but the combat is really good at least. There are lots of pointless and repetitive side missions, which I happily avoided.

Overall I'd rate the trilogy 7.5/10. You're not missing out on much if you never play them but I'd recommend them if you like the historical settings and enjoy the assassin aspects.


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