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I just finished The Division, and I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Content of the article: "I just finished The Division, and I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played."

Ok so to start this off let me say that this game is in no way perfect. For the most part, it deserves most of the criticism and hate it gets from the players. I mean, you can't even pet the dogs.

I had the urge to play through The Division recently, and thank god for that urge. The game is so fun and so beautiful that I could just run around the city and doing the repetitive missions for hours. I have some complaints and some praise, so lets start with the praise.

This game is so pretty, holy shit. Even though it's 4 years old, it still looks amazing. The snow on the ground is pretty, the snowstorms are so well done, the detail that went into creating the environment is astounding, and it never stops feeling like winter in New York.

The combat is really fun. I can't stress how much I love the guns, the cover system, and the abilities. The only thing I hated about the combat was the shitty bullet sponge enemies. Other than that the combat is great.

The story is pretty good. There's no more to that. I just liked it.

The atmosphere and world building are fucking superb. Nothing to it. Just amazing.

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There are other little mechanics like the crafting bench or whatever, the shops, the secret vendor, the dark zone, the multiplayer, upgrading the base, and others that I really liked. Just little things they added that make the game that much better.

I'm pretty sure there's more but my memory is shit and I forgot it. On to the complaints.

There were so many performance issues. idk if it was my terrible rig or the game itself, but I would pretty much always have a problem. Stuttering, crashing, framerate dips, etc. I would basically crash anytime I did something outside the game itself(and sometimes just crash whenever too). It sucked.

I have played for 30 hours and I STILL have no idea how the chat works. I can't find it in the settings either. I just had to rely on my teammates being telepathic to communicate what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go because I don't know how to use the fucking chat. I don't know why it isn't in a tutorial or in the settings. I know it's there because I've seen people use it but I don't know how to fucking use it and it drove me crazy.

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Bullet sponge enemies. Need I say more.

Micro-transactions. Need I say more.

The fact that there were hundreds of quests or collectibles that should NOT exist. There are something like 168 cell phones to collect when there should really only be like 60 or 100. There are hundreds of encounter missions that give you 60 points towards one of the base things so you have no choice but to do them if you want to fully upgrade your base. It sucks. They should just give you more points for doing them and get rid of a couple dozen.

The missions are repetitive. The story missions aren't that repetitive, but good god the side missions are. There's hundreds of side missions and only like 5 kind of missions. It's truly hell to complete them all.

Despite all the bad mechanics, performance issues, repetitive missions, bullet sponge enemies and micro-transactions, it's an amazing game that I love so goddamn much. I highly recommend you enjoy this atmospheric, fun filled masterpiece for yourself.


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