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I just finished the two “Gears of Potter” Deathly Hallows games

Content of the article: "I just finished the two “Gears of Potter” Deathly Hallows games"

I've always been curious about these two games, based on the final 2 films of HP respectively. Never got around to playing them (because of how badly reviewed and supposedly short they were). I tracked copies of them for PC and here's my review.

Deathly Hallows Part 1:

I want to start by saying, no game allows you to change language unless you change the language of your pc before installing, so i was stuck with the horrible spanish dub until i found a solution that involved tweaking some values with regedit and copying some files. Having said that, i still had a glitch in the first one where the cutscenes audio and video were horribly out of sync, i didn't find a solution to this problem anywhere online. The second game worked fine.

The game is divided in two sections:

-Typical cover TPS shooting sections against death eaters, where your "guns" are basically your spells (Stupefy is the Gun, Impedimenta is the machine gun, Expeliarmus the shotgun, etc).

The cover system is incredibly clunky and 80% of the time you end up ducking on a place where your enemies can still shoot you anyway or, when you're already in cover, you pop out to shoot only to find you're shooting the wall you're covering on.

The shooting itsel lacks impact, and the only really useful spells are 4: stupefy, impedimenta, expeliarmus and confringo. There really aren't any boss battles at all, mayor characters like umbridge and beatrix have the same amount of health as a normal death eater.

-The other sections are first person stealth sections where you have to sneak from point A to B or tail a person undetected under harry's invisibility cloak. These are even worse than the shooting sections. People appear and disappear all over the place, and the second you touch one of them is game over, a hassle made much worse thanks to the first person perspective that severly limits your field of vision. The glitches didn't help either, in a tailing mission the npc i was supposed to folow simply stopped walking to it's destination, forcing me to restart the last checkpoint, this happened three times in the same spot.

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The graphics are ok for a movie based game from 2010 and the ost is ok too, nothing special.

The game lasts 6-7 hours, theres collectibles, like quibbler and prophet newspapers, but honestly, this are just short headlines that don't add anything if you've already read the book or watched the movie. The only legit fun ones are the "Potterwatch" radio podcasts you can find, hilarious bits of a rogue radio station set up by the twins Fred and George weasley in the books.

There's also challenges you unlock but honestly, the gameplay was so subpar i didn't even bother with these. Overall score would be 3.5/10 for me.

Deathly Hallows Part 2:

Right off the bat, the game feels a lot better than the first one. The stealth sections with the cloak were simply cut (thankfully) and the shooting feels much tighter than in the last game, there's a lot more weight felt when you throw a "greneade" with confringo and when you use your "machine gun". Of course, it isn't perfect and you will still ocasionally struggle with the cover system.

There's also a clever system preventing you from spaming the same spells non-stop like in the first game: in some, the more you shoot a spell, the more the shots miss, this is the case with lighter spells like stupefy and confundo. With the more heavy ones, there's a cooldown period, preventing you from spamming them.

In an attempt to mitigate the repetitiveness that comes from axing the stealth levels, you don't only control harry this time around , you get to play as Ron, Hermione, Mcgonagall, Ginny, Neville, hell they go all the way and even let you play as Mrs Weasley and Seamus Finnigan (?). There's actual boss fights in this one too that prevent it from getting stale, you face against Snape, Beatrix, Voldemort (of course) and even some more obscure villains like the Carrow twins and the werewolf Fenrir Greyback.

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The graphics in this one are a bit better, the enviroments look more detailed and the character models are slightly refined.

The only downside is that the game is extremely short, 4-5 hours to complete, there's collectibles but these are even worse than in the previous games: music tracks (there's some bangers in there, much better ost than the generic one from the first game), character models and challenge levels that, unlike the ones from the first one, are literally the campaign levels with a timer on it. I would've loved the types of challenges from the first game with the gameplay from this one. My overall score would be a 5/10.

I realize i haven't talked about the story yet. In both cases, the story is incoherent and just repeat the beats from the movie without much explanation, often times changing events so you can fight a barrage of death eathers, which leads to unintentionally hilarious moments like "stealthily" tailing two characters while at the same time battling dozens of enemies, or a part near the ending of the second game Ginny and other two students single-handlely destroy a wave of nearly one hundred death eathers.

Overall, i would only recommend playing the second one if you can find it cheap cause it's an actually enjoyable experience for an early 10s shooter based on a movie.


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