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I liked Borderlands 3

With the multitude of posts hating on Borderlands 3, I would just like to throw in my two cents as someone who liked it, so that others who would like it aren't totally turned off by all the negative reviews. That being said, let's get the biggest negatives out of the way first: the writing and the character progression.

The dialog and characters are for the most part terrible, and for those expecting it to hold a candle to the previous installments will be horribly disappointed. I've heard some people say that BL2 also had equally cringey writing and that we as players just remember it fondly because we were younger, and I have to disagree. I still go back and play it every couple of years and while there are some moments that have aged, I find the dialog overall still great (outside of Claptrap). Unfortunately, BL3 is just bad in this regard, and the annoying characters are completely unavoidable.

The other main thing that bothered me was that leveling up very rarely felt impactful to the same degree that Bl2 and TPS did. I played through the game as Beastmaster and partly a second time as Siren, so it may be different for other classes, but the abilities felt pretty watered down to me.

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But if those are things that you can look past for an otherwise enjoyable gaming experience, then here's what I found to make the game my second favorite in the series: the gunplay and the environment.

The gunplay is so smooth. Aiming feels fair, shots feel weighty, sliding is awesome, and the enemies are fun. This is compounded by the fact that unique gun drops are more frequent compared to previous games – some people were not a fan of this, but I loved it. In earlier installments I would stick with a gun for sometimes up to 10 levels because there were no better alternatives in all that time, which made the loot system feel really bland. In BL3 though, guns with better stats and unique properties are much more common, so my arsenal felt fresh throughout the entire game.

The environment is massive and was really enjoyable for me to explore. There were biomes of all kind with appropriately thematic inhabitants, and I had a lot of fun finding the Typhon audio logs. Plus, the vehicles have so much variety that traversing the large expanses that felt like a chore in earlier games never once bothered me in this one. On top of that, there's often a good deal of verticality, which makes both combat and exploration much more interesting.

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In summary, I liked the game. The writing that contributed to the brilliance of BL2 has definitely plummeted to the depths of the ocean, but the great environment and gunplay kept me engaged the whole game. If you truly hate awful dialog, and can't just jam some good music over it, this game is not for you; don't buy it. But if you can get past that, the game is just really fun to actually play and I would recommend it.


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