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I love that new PS5 “screen share” feature.

Holy cakes. Me and my buddy decided to do a voice chat team to play RE Village demo together.

I shared my screen to his and he shared his, so we could both share information aswell as simulteniously see what each of us are doing. I'm honestly loving this feature and quite impressed by whoever managed to come up with this idea.

You can move the stream to any corner of the TV or monitor you use, what's not awesome about that?!

Hey sony if you're reading this in the future could you consider this?:

– Multiple screen mirrors. Like this – I have two friends, i wanna share my screen, they wanna share my screen, now i can watch BOTH of their videos while i play any game, so there is basically 3 different screens that are getting shared here, and with the two screens they share to me, i can move one to the left side, the other to the right, or even bottom or top.

– Allow for resize of the actual screen. Like, while i play a game, i want the screen to be a little bit bigger, not too small, so i can't see properly, but not too big, so it can get in the way for me.

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– Right now the stream only supports up to 1080p 60 fps, but consider the following support in the future:

  • HDR support for stream.
  • 4k 30 and/or 60 fps – Maybe for PS5 Pro or ps6, but if it's possible to do that for base ps5, then that's good!
  • Allow the user to change the brightness in the friends stream. Let's say the standard brightness on that stream is 50, but you can dial it up to 80 or 100, so it's easier to see what's up.
  • An interesting idea – If my friend shares his screen to me, allow me to be able to take quick screenshots specifically of his own screen that he shares with me. Meaning it won't take screen shot of my TV screen, but just of the specific screen he shares to me.

I don't know if this is already a thing now but: When i did screenshare yesterday, it took a bit too long to get into it. Consider adding a quick shortcut button that you can activate on PS5 settings. like this:

  • Press on playstation home button, then press on the "screen share" icon and then just pick any friend you wanna share the screen with. Meaning you don't have to do a voice chat in order to share your screen, and obviously you can tag multiple people at once, so multiple people can see your screen.
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