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I mean yea God of War is pretty good

Content of the article: "I mean yea God of War is pretty good"

I never did play the original God of War games but I've seen the gameplay and I know the story and the direction these games went for. So when they made the new God of War (2018) that just reworked all the mechanics, it could have very easily been dismissed as a failed attempt to add to the franchise.

But instead we got a great ass game that deals with Norse mythology and I love it.

So I got the game for free on PS5 via PS plus and it was one of the first games I tried out. There's a uncapped framerate option if you select the performance mode which runs at 1080p, so you get a locked 60 fps on PS5. It makes the gameplay a lot better when you're running at a locked 60 fps, but I wish there was a 60 fps option for the higher resolution too.

The combat is one of the best parts about this game. At first you only start off with being able to do like 2 different atttacks and blocking, but the game throws a lot of new skills at you all the way until the end. There are also many different enemy types (the exception being seeing the same sub-bosses repeatedly), all of which have different exploitable weaknesses you can discover and use against them. This is something I can appreciate especially after playing through Infamous Second Son and not having any variety of bad guys. It's also pretty brutal, Kratos just straight up just destroys people with some of his attacks. I never felt the combat get stale ever throughout the game, although I will say it's hard to use every trick you have later on in the game due to the sheer abundance of stuff you can do.

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There's no cuts in the game, not a single one. I don't know how the fuck they did it, but it was definitely worth the effort. Transitions from gameplay to cutscenes are flawless. It also works especially well here because the series has always had epic cinematics mixed in with gameplay and having those perfect transitions without any cuts amplifies that. I hope they continue the no cut thing in the next game.

The story is pretty different than previous game because you aren't on some revenge story killing everyone, you're just trying to get to a mountain. Without going into any spoilers, it's pretty good and even the side missions provide additional context to the story. I had a blast just going through the world and learning more about the fictional myth the game presents, the lore is fascinating.

Soundtrack's pretty epic, not much to say here but it's great.

Pretty solid game, if you got a PS4/5 and somehow you haven't played it yet, definitely get it. I ended up platinuming the game and that took me around 40 hours.


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