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I need help with my attitude towards gaming

Content of the article: "I need help with my attitude towards gaming"

I don't know if this is the right subreddit to post on but having a scroll it seemed like it may be. Basically over the last year or two I've noticed I have slowly been developing a habit where I buy a fair amount of games (since starting to get a consistent paycheck), however, I've found that it has made me get increasingly concerned with my "backlog".

I started making a list on my phone notes of all the games I hadn't finished/needed to start. It started off nicely as a comprehensive way of viewing my library, but it has started increasingly feeling like a checklist. Fast forward to the last 6 months or so and it has become a bit of an anchor I think. I am playing through games I have bought and enjoying a lot of them but some of them I am just viewing as a need to get to 30% or 40% trophy completion so I don't feel guilty scrolling through my trophy list.

The problem is though that some games I just get bored of such as Outer Wilds (I just couldn't get into it personally) or just can't make headway in, such as Sekiro. This leads to me scrolling through my trophy list feeling guilty about the games sitting under 10% completion. Or staring at my ever increasing checklist worrying about what to play next. Then feeling r e a l l y guilty if I buy a new game (whether I enjoy it or not).

I don't feel like this is a healthy way to enjoy a hobby which should be for fun, but I really don't know how to break this mentality. So I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and found ways of handling it/changing it? Admittedly I'm pretty sure these days I have ADHD, and this seems like another outlet for it, so a trip to the doctor is quite overdue anyway (and may help a lot)!

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Edit: If there is a better subreddit to put this on do just let me know!

Edit 2: Just to clear up something I think I may have put confusingly (sorry!). My concern is not that I am spending too much on games or buying too many. It's more about enjoyment of the ones I do buy and how I tackle my library of games I am worried about. It's more internal than financial.


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