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I personally love exclusives!

Content of the article: "I personally love exclusives!"

I know many consider it unfair saying people should play every game on any platform they choose

First of all the amount of consoles that would have died out with that philosphy that would suck. Also look at the 6th gen generation of consoles with even console having so many exclusives even pc too witch was an amazing time of gamimg

Look at the 8 gen they basically almost had the same games with xbox one and ps4 witch was just dumb as hell peoole are always proud of Nintendo because they difference themselves with what they do and games .

Another thing if the extremely loud minority of pc gamers got every single game including console exclusives lord have mercy on my soul what imma do to them if they start " You got console moron we have the same games and we can mod you dumbass getting console" these exclusives allow console gamers to feel happy about having our own unique thing" if we had to share everything and we have to deal with that loud minority every time thats gonna be insane.

Enough with the part it stops that small toxic peoole of pc

Lets go in with my idea people say gaming gets better and better every year and that is true, but rephase the question and ask what generation of gaming was the best they would say 6th. We had ps2,xbox,GameCube,dreamcast,Gameboy advanced And pc

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What did they all have in common?

They all had a library of games so different it was insane even pc had a good collection of there own games and Gameboy advanced sold so many copies it was insane.

We had so many unique experience of gamimg

And people want to shrink it down to just one console and there games go to pc wth

My idea is we get a new console in and im talking for once a good console. Not a dumbass amico ,ouya,zeebo . We don't have a new console not because of the big 3 but because the consoles suck

And for the dreamcast it had some issues as well as sega made a million mistakes that is why

We should push for a new console too and make every console feel unique and pc to have gamimg like 6th gen.

Really i say Panasonic should enter back in the consoles


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