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I played 21 games during quarantine. Here’s my casual review

Hi, short preface: My last day at work was March 18 and I returned to work this past Monday, June 15. During those 88 days, I played 21 games that have been in my backlog for quite some time all while my job continued to pay my wages. I basically was being paid to play games 🙂 I know I'm not as capable as others in delving deep into game design, but I love games and the goal of this post is to give a review from a somewhat casual perspective. Anyways, here's my review of the 21 games I played during quarantine. The order they're listed in represents the order I played them in:

  1. Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition: As a Final Fantasy fan, I've been waiting for this game for quite some time and was very excited to finally play it. Although it's not an excellent game, I enjoyed the combat, exploration and most importantly the story. I felt really attached to Noctis towards the end of the game and found Ardyn to be an interesting villain after playing Episode Ardyn (8/10)
  2. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus + Expansions: I absolutely enjoyed The New Order and it's standalone expansion, The Old Blood. I was very amused by the fact the game angered Neo-Nazis and I was excited to finally play the game so I can kill some Nazis again. I enjoyed dual-wielding weapons and using them to shoot Nazis in the face. It's always a pleasure playing as Terror Billy, William J. Blazkowicz. The expansions were fun little pieces of side stories about characters withing the Wolfenstein universe, but the gameplay and levels at that point felt all too familiar (8/10)
  3. Metro Exodus + Expansions: When I played Metro 2033 and Last Light, I was blown away by the story and setting. I expected the same from Exodus and it met my expectations. The latest Metro game is no longer strictly linear, but now has some open world areas for exploration. I didn't quite enjoy that component of the game, but the story was a riveting tale of survival and search for a better life. The gameplay mechanics, however, wasn't smooth. The expansions both contain compelling stories and I enjoyed it (8/10)
  4. Devil May Cry 5: This is the best game in the series to me. I like that you play as three different characters each with their own unique set of abilities and styles. I enjoyed playing as Dante the most. I liked how intertwined the three character's stories were. I love the hack-and-slash combat and how frantic it can be. Playing this game was pure fun (9/10)
  5. Overcooked 2: Building off of the first game, it's now more fun than ever with online multiplayer added. It's a great party game to play with friends although I played the campaign solo. I always feel the rush when I play this game. New recipes and new worlds make this game just as fun, if not more fun than the first (8/10)
  6. Halo War 2 + Expansions: I don't like real time strategy games, but I do like Halo. Halo Wars 2 brings back old enemy races that haven't been in Halo 4 or 5 – the Brutes and the Flood which was a pleasure to see again. The controls are exceptional on a controller and I had no complaints with the gameplay. The expansions add to an already entertaining story (8/10)
  7. Quantum Break: I love science fiction stories and this game has a good one to tell. It has an amazing cast as well. The gameplay mechanics feel smooth and the abilities fit in well. I like the television episodes that play after every act of the game. The collectibles have very interesting lore and I enjoyed reading them. (8/10)
  8. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard + Not a Hero Expansion: I was surprised when Capcom decided to make the next installment in the series in first person view. Ultimately, I think this change worked. It was an incredibly immersive experience and the game kept me on the edge of my seat. Exploration is rewarding – the collectibles offer insights into the plot of the game. Solving the puzzles in the game was equally as rewarding. This game made me think a lot and inventory management was critical to my success in the game. I don't own the season pass, but I did play the free Not a Hero expansion. Playing as Chris Redfield was a blast and I felt no fear because he felt like a super solider. It also offers important plot details to the overall story of the game. The only gripe I have with the game is the wonky aim with firearms (9/10)
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2: Where do I even start? I love westerns and I loved the first game, but this game is better in every way including the story, despite knowing the fate of certain characters. The world felt like art come to life. The side missions and activities were fun. I loved the interactions between all the characters. They all felt like they had a unique personality. The gameplay mechanics have so minor flaws, but the story was good enough for me to ignore them. I personally loved Arthur Morgan more than John Marston as a protagonist. Of the games I reviewed so far, this was the one game where I wished I didn't know how the story ends so I could play it all over again (10/10)
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019): I'll only be reviewing the single player campaign for this post. After being missing in action in Ghosts and Infinite Warfare, it was good to see him back in action. The story aimed to depict acts of terror, heroism and the horrors of warfare in the 21st century without pulling any punches. It doesn't quite stick the landing, but it was compelling enough for me to see it through to the end. The gameplay is as expected. Infinity Ward knows how to create shooters with smooth gunplay and mechanics. (7/10)
  11. Assassin's Creed Odyssey + Expansions: I'll start off by saying this is the worst of the 21 games I played during quarantine. It's basically Origins, but in Ancient Greece. Origins offered welcomed changes to the series and while I enjoyed Origins, I didn't want to play more of the same with Odyssey. Odyssey has a world map that's big for nothing. The game made realize how much I miss blending in with crowds. Assassinations not being instant kill is idiotic. The loot and progression system made it feel like a typical Ubisoft game. The only thing that kept me going was finishing the story. I became tired of the RPG elements as I slogged on. Most of the missions felt like fetch quests and errands. I'd have rather read a book of this game instead of wasting 80 hours and even then I still haven't finished the final episode of the Fate of Atlantis expansion. This game is no longer an Assassin's Creed game, but only in name. Hopefully Valhalla changes rights the wrongdoings of Odyssey. (4/10)
  12. Wolfenstein: Youngblood: One of the less enjoyable games I played during quarantine and the worst Wolfenstein game by Bethesda. I didn't like the addition of the progression system. It's not as linear as previous games. Ultimately, it's a formula that doesn't work quite as well for a game like Wolfenstein. The story does have its moments and the sisters have unique personalities. (6/10)
  13. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: First off, I'll point out that I played the entirety of the game using a headset as recommended. The game is dark and beautiful at the same time. It's a work of art and a service to society. Playing this game has given me an epiphany on mental illness and a better understanding of my own mother's mental illness. The game also affected me on a spiritual level. In terms of gameplay, the puzzles are rewarding and the combat, although simple was quite enjoyable. Ninja Theory's rendition of the Norse world is incredible and the bits of lore scattered across the world in runestones were fascinating. What a masterpiece this game is. (10/10)
  14. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: A fun game with a lovable protagonist and an equally lovable supporting cast. The game has rewarding puzzles, good combat and an interesting story to tell. The length of the game is just right. This game will put me on the path to Nathan Drake's end (7/10)
  15. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: This sequel continues the success of the first game. New characters changes the dynamics of the cast. The setting brings memorable moments. Nathan Drake continues to be a lovable protagonist (8/10)
  16. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception: This sequel has a different tone compared to the first two games. The game finally explores the origins of Nathan Drake and pushes him to his limits giving us a look into a different side of his character. (8/10)
  17. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: The game immediately looks far better than any other Uncharted game in terms of graphics. New mechanics brings welcome changes to exploration and traversal of the world. The game also brings with it some open world environments although the game is still mostly linear. New and interesting characters from Nathan Drake's past re-emerge to give him one last adventure. This is by far the greatest Uncharted story of ever told and is a fitting end for Nathan Drake (9/10)
  18. Horizon: Zero Dawn + The Frozen Wilds Expansion: A unique and interesting open world game, I immediately felt attached to the protagonist, Aloy, and her desire to discover herself. The environment is beautiful and the machine designs fit in well with this post-apocalyptic world. I enjoyed conversing with the characters of this game in order to learn more about the world. There are some gameplay flaws that did bother me such as the climbing. However, as an amateur archer, I did enjoy using the bow as a weapon in the game. The Frozen Wilds expansion brings more story and lore to the Horizon universe as well as new enemies and areas to explore. In conclusion, I very much enjoyed this game (8/10)
  19. The Order: 1886: This game has an interesting story set in an alternate history of 19th century London. The conflict between the knights of the round table and supernatural threats such as werewolves and vampires in a steampunk London is appealing to me. The gameplay might seem simple and the game length might seem short, but overall, I enjoyed this game (7/10)
  20. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: A standalone expansion set in the Uncharted universe, the graphics are as good as Uncharted 4 while giving us control of a character from a previous Uncharted game. Although this isn't a Nathan Drake story, it's still a good Uncharted game. I wouldn't be upset, if future Uncharted games takes a similar approach (8/10)
  21. Marvel's Spider-man + Expansions: This PlayStation exclusive gives us a new incarnation of Peter Parker and a beautifully written story that made me feel all sorts of emotions. I fell in love with not only this version of Spider-man, but also his suit. The swinging is fun and I rarely used fast travel because swinging was that fun. The gameplay and combat was satisfying and felt familiar because it is in some ways, similar to the Batman: Arkham series. As a New Yorker, I was bothered by the fact that New York City didn't feel as lively as I expected it to be. Times Square should be crowded! The expansions offer a fun story with additional side missions while adding minor plot details that lead into future Spider-man games (8/10)
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Thanks for taking the time to read this post 🙂


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