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I played Animal Crossing for more than 100 hours, here are my impressions

Ok, I never played any Animal Crossing before and I had really no idea what this was all about. I only knew it had some cute animals and that's it, and I knew the Mario Kart track about it. But this was as far as I knew back then.

Then my brother recommended it after I got my Nintendo Switch a few months ago. He said it made him distracted through the quarantines and that was a fun little game, so that maybe I should try it. The game is called "New Horizons" by the way.

Well, what can I say about the game? It is silly. Very, very silly. But the thing is, this is probably the best silly game you will ever play. Everything is overly cute, which is not actually a bad thing. It makes you feel good. It is almost as if this was "cute porn", in the sense we use it here in reddit (as in City Porn, for example, meaning, it is CUTE porn, not cute PORN… well, you get it).

You have this dog, which is called Isabelle, that runs the island, and she is so, so, so, so cute. I want to hug her so much, and please, don't take this as something creepy, I want to do that in the same sense I want to hug my cats or any other pet. It is not something sexual by any means, it is all about this being SO DAMN CUTE.

You basically do nothing in the island. To be really direct about it, I'll just say it: this is a decoration minigame. This "island" is nothing but a place where you can put your stuff and decorate it, like you decorate a room. You have a little house too and you can also decorate it. You put furniture, wallpapers, and tons of things.

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But it is weird, because even being this about decoration, you get hooked to it even if you are not interested in decorating anything (which is basically my case). They build a context around it, which is pretty silly too, but it gets you addicted to it. For example, in one point I was not playing to decorate anything, I was just earning some bells (the game currency) and I wanted to have the most bells I could have and be very rich about it. To do what? Basically nothing, because I only could buy furniture and decorations items, that I was not interested to use. But even then, I was still hooked and wanting the damn bells.

The game has tons of little details and everything is very simple and well designed. It is about micromanagement, you always have your pockets full and you have to get rid of items. But they somehow made micromanagement fun. It is distracting and relaxing to just manage things in the menus. I suspect the game is more about having fun and non-anxiety moments in the menus themselves, than in the game. Just imagine a random game where the menus, the little shop, and so on, are more important than the action. Animal Crossing is all about that.

Things take time to happen. Want to build a bridge? You need tons of money to do so. You have to do little by little, a little bit more everyday. You planted something? Good luck, it will take 2 to 3 days to grow. If you water them, maybe it will grow some fancy colors (I still don't know how it works btw). And this is not bad. It is somehow good to have this time lapse, it brings you a weird feeling about it.

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You can put some fancy clothing in your little guy, you can change his hair, and blah blah blah. I never cared to much about it in any game, but here somehow I just cared. I don't know why.

There was a point that was playing it around 2 or 3 hours a DAY, which is insane. The game is very, very addicting, and this is funny, because nothing really happens. Sometimes I just waked in my little island and had nothing to do, I was just collecting some fruits or something.

NPCs are very, very, very cute. My favourite one is a little octupus that says "blurp!" all the time. She is extremely cute. Those things make you feel peaceful and relaxed.

After having more than 100 hours on it, I started to feel really bored. I started to notice I was just addicted by now. I really don't care about decorating my island. Everything is just a mess. I let a computer server just next to an orange tree. I got all the furniture and just let them there.

You may visit other islands (which are just personalized islands too, where they customize everthing). I visited some and it is impressive what people do. They make them beautiful. I just can't and have no patience for that.

You can collect animals and stuff too, and then you put them in some collections in a museum, located in the island too and owned by an owl. The owl repeats the same sentences thousands of times, when you bring him stuff. And yet you feel addicted to it. Just like if you were a child repeating the same old lines from your favorite cartoon show.

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And then I realized I was just wasting my time. I had around 800 thousand bells. I wish I had a million. For what? I don't know. I played 100 hours, I could have studied a language instead. Or read books. So I started to feel this was a waste of time and stopped it, I don't know for how long.

It is hard to describe what Animal Crossing is, but it is very addicting. Even if you think you won't like it, watch out, you will get hooked into it. You will be catching butterflies in no time and getting them to the owl guy, fulling your brain with dopamines while doing it. An interesting, harmless distraction, but very easy to lose yourself.


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