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I played Farcry 3 and I had to share my thoughts (No spoilers)

Content of the article: "I played Farcry 3 and I had to share my thoughts (No spoilers)"

Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a while now but having finished Farcry 3 I really needed to share my thoughts. Mostly because the game is both really good in some aspects and really questionable in some others.

The Good

Visuals 9/10: Rook Island looks amazing, you can really believe you landed on a tropical island.

Gameplay 8/10: The gunplay is great, the gameplay loop of conquering camps and objectives felt satisfying and overall just really fun. As long as you don't do too many side objectives the game doesn't drag on either, feels like a good length. Overall just a really solid shooter, no complaints here.

The Bad

The stealth and some of the story missions 5/10: They really want you to use a particular solution for a lot of problems. What happens if you don't happen to choose this particular solution: you either get forcefully reminded of what to do, the enemy magically detects you suddenly or the mission just fails. This takes a lot of agency away from the player in my opinion and runs really counterintuitive to the free choice you get for most of the other missions in the game.

Still, with just that this would be a really solid game right. You only have this one complaint. Well that'd be true, except there's one more thing to discuss namely The Ugly.

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The Ugly

Story: 0-1/10: The story in this game frustrated me to such an extent that I had to make this write-up and even make a Reddit account for it. The writers seem desperate to try to include the proper amount of drama into their story. However, they've sadly realized they don't have any clue how to make proper transitions to make it logical in the player's story. So they just take the hamfisted approach of making a number of incredibly jarring jumps in the story, each told with a cutscene that suddenly starts and decides what's happening now. This includes pretty much every bossfight in the entire game.


I still enjoyed Far Cry 3, it is a pretty good game and definitely worth picking up for the price it'd be going for today. However, for me at least, it's probably got the worst story I've ever seen in a video game that wasn't based on fan fiction.

I'd love to hear your thoughts though!


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