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I played persona 5 in my PS3, and now i don’t feel the same when I play videogames

Content of the article: "I played persona 5 in my PS3, and now i don’t feel the same when I play videogames"

(I'm writing this in Spanish and using traductor, sorry if I have mistakes)

For about 5 years, my dad bought me a PlayStation 3 in which I have played quite a few games that have made me enjoy all its hours.

I have never been a big fan of JRPG, they seem a bit strange to me and with a very large amount of statistics that I do not understand, even so, about 2 months ago, I was looking at the digital catalog of the Playstation 3 (since in that moment i didn't have another console).

I was watching persona 5 a lot, I decided to see a short gameplay from the beginning of the game, and I wanted too much to play it, everything looked excellent, the music, the characters, the aesthetics, everything made me want to buy it, and I did it, I waited for it to download, and I was watching the screen, watching the introduction and I was shocked, a single introduction can really do that? The answer is YES, it can do.

I started to play and felt that I did not understand anything, it was a strange feeling, I did not understand anything but I already wanted to know everything, even so, those desire went away instantly when you have to start from before that area of ​​the beginning, even so I enjoyed it too much , the simple fact of walking through the streets of the game, talking to all the people who were there, listening to the song that was playing, (which was so relaxing that I still listen to it when I'm doing homework).

I spent a few days playing the game without stopping, I only advanced to the third castle, where I felt a bit overwhelmed from playing so much and I rested for a week, which took me well and I resumed my game, after that everything felt very satisfactory, they put new characters into the plot , you discovered interesting things, and there was always "something else" to do, like go fishing, play in that baseball test etc.

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When I finally got to the end, and I listened to the credits song, watching all the scenes, I felt relieved, it was the best game I've ever played, everything in it was perfect, so I couldn't do anything but see how I finished this masterpiece

After finishing the game, I bought a Playstation 4 to play the royal, but I am still saving money for the game, and I am trying to enjoy the ones that came to me, I was trying horizon zero Dawn, but still, I do not feel that urge, I do not feel the , like the game still has something that don't fit, and it's happening to me with just about everything I've tried to play.

My question is, has this feeling ever happened to you with a game? If so, what did you play or what did you do after having such high expectations?


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