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I seem to only like one game from every genre, and can’t ever find a replacement

Content of the article: "I seem to only like one game from every genre, and can’t ever find a replacement"

Every time I find a game I like and think “maybe I should try more of these types of games” I’m always massively disappointed with the offerings

*Run and Guns:*

My favorite Run and Gun is Cuphead, the bosses have so much depth and replay-ability, I’ve played through the game at least 20 times, and looking back to see my death counter getting lower and lower is always satisfying. I’ve done most that I can physically accomplish without going insane.

I just tried Mega Man X and Mercenary Kings, I found both very clunky and the difficulty coming from Respawning enemies in hard to reach places, rather than the game throwing everything it has at me, and just whooping my ass because “I suck”

*Twin Stick Shooters:*

Gungeon is in my opinion the cream of the crop, all the enemies feel so well designed, with all the rooms utilizing them perfectly, I’ve played the game for 3 years and have come to a “breaking point” I’ve done everything there is to do and can’t find a replacement.

I’ve tried Atomicrops, Nuclear Throne, and Wizard of Legend, and have found them all uninteresting, or just horribly flawed

*Beat Em Ups:*

Castle Crashers I enjoyed quite a bit, not as much as the other 2 but found plenty to love and not much to hate. I haven’t tried other beat em ups but to be fair every other beat em ups looks so BORING, and just mindless

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*First Person Shooters:*

The Destiny Franchise, specifically the Crucible, is just a perfect storm and does every little thing “just” right, I played this for years without getting even slightly bored, and only stopped because of the Forsaken Update, which made me have to play the PVE content.

Call of Duty comes pretty close but none have really stuck, and every shooter I can’t tolerate for more than 5 minutes, yes even Titanfall 2. Borderlands being another I can’t stand. Doom Eternal did give me a little bit of those “hey this is really fucking good” vibes but not enough content to warrant playing it again and again

*Action RPGs:*

I have quite the fondness for Monster Hunter, and Rise is coming out soon but I don’t have a switch. I’ve tried Titan Quest, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragons Dogma, Dark Souls, and Torchlight 2

The 5 games I do like in those genres I have put tons of hours in, but everything else just doesn’t come close. Out of those 4 games I only play Cuphead and Gungeon, and both are kinda getting old, but I can’t find other bullet hell style game that I like. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong.


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