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I think i messed up big time boys, I need help BAD

Content of the article: "I think i messed up big time boys, I need help BAD"

I need help guys and i cant find a specific answer on google.

I took apart my PS4 PRO to clean it / apply new thermal paste. I took it completely apart, cleaned it out really well and then went to put on the paste and i freaking lost it in my apartment and couldnt find it anywhere, so after 2 hours of looking i just got frustrated and put it all back together with the same paste it had on.

The only reason i took it apart is because of excessive fan noise.

This helped a little but now i have another huge problem.

Now after about 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes of gameplay, the controller goes haywire. The only way i can describe it is imagine lagging really really bad on a video game, but its not lagging at all, if that makes sense…Like it almost feels as if the CPU is overloaded and cant process any more things, so it just starts freaking out. I can almost tell when its about to start doing it once my fan kicks into turbo mode.

Like on the new Call of Duty Cold War, i will walk into a room, go to look left, and it just starts spinning in a circle, doing 30 turns to the left. I go to walk 10 feet out of the room and my guy walks 300 feet and is still spinning from earlier. Its as if im holding buttons down instead of just pressing them. I will go to throw a grenade, without cooking it, and it will just sit there and hold the grenade, or i will actually being trying to cook it, and it just throws it away.

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And conversely, i will try to shoot and nothing will happen. I will sit there and spam the shoot button and finally it will fire off a shot or two.

I feel like the more buttons i have pressed at once, the worse it is.

These are just examples. It does other stuff too, and is generally none responsive BUT only after i play a few games.

It is completely unplayable like this, and it is on every single game, not just Call of Duty or online games. Even offline, single player games with no internet access do this.


It never did this before i took it apart

What does the controller talk to inside the playstation? Maybe i didnt hook something back up right?



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