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I think I’m finally understanding my own enjoyment. Let’s get into it!

Hey everyone! Strange title, I know. But just bare with me for a few moments! To make a long story short, like a lot of people, I sometime find that I'm either forcing myself to enjoy something that just isn't for me, or I get annoyed when I don't enjoy something I thought I was going to. This has happened super recently with two games, Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Hellblade I started maybe a week ago. And without any spoilers, I really loved the story right from the very beginning. Very quickly however, I got so bogged down in the puzzle aspect that I legitimately spent over an hour in one area on the same exact puzzle. Now don't get me wrong, I like puzzles as much as the next guy. I was always a fan of the Resident Evil series and those environmental puzzles it brought to the table. But whatever was going on with Hellblade, it didn't take long for me to bank it and put it in the "Watch this as a let's play" pile. Shout out to TheRadBrad on YouTube, this guy really helps with this! Sometimes can be super relaxing to watch a Lets Play when you can't get around to it yourself.

But as much as I was ready to move on to something else, I've really been beating myself up about it. I had heard that the story was excellent, I didn't "Hate" the gameplay, it was purely the puzzles that got me down. So why was I annoyed? Because I was so sure going in that this was going to be something I really enjoyed that when I didn't, I felt like somehow I was the one in the wrong. Like I was doing something wrong somehow and that if I could only force myself… Well you get the idea. So I didn't anything at all for about a week. But then.. then I had a spark of inspiration and finally downloaded Ori.

I swear, it's like night and day. I had loved the original Ori, but had played it largely handheld on the Switch at the time. I suffer from pain in my hands and with the Switch, that was only made worse. But for Ori? Even that was well worth it to me. I enjoyed the original start to finish more than I've enjoyed most games this past decade. Everything from the score, graphics, story, it was all just perfect to me. So why then did I not go out and get the sequel day one? Well, I'd love to say I was trying to be a Patient Gamer, but I don't think that's it. I think along the way I convinced myself I wouldn't enjoy it somehow, or maybe I was worried that I enjoyed the original so much so that the sequel wouldn't be able to hold a candle to it. And by God was I wrong! I booted it up after a quick download from Game Pass and the hours just flew by. I reckon I'm not overly far in, have passed the first few areas so again please no spoilers! But the difference in my approach to Ori and Hellblade? Honestly night and day. And I really wish I had put Hellblade down sooner, and picked Ori up much sooner.

I do think this is a problem a lot of people face. I know I've seen posts here along the way in the same vein. I know it's definitely not just me here. I know I haven't discovered this new thing. I think, and as much as I know this might sound insane, it's almost like this deep guilt at not liking something you feel like you should? I wanted to enjoy Hellblade, I really did, and I'm not ripping on it, I'm sure there are lots of you out there who absolutely adored it! It just had a few aspects along the way that really did sour the experience for me. I'll still watch a let's play in my own time so I can experience the story, but from a pure gameplay point of view this just isn't for me.

So what do you guys think, anyone have an example of this? I feel like in this day and age a lot of us get so paralysed with the vast amount of choice we have at our fingertips that it can be hard to make a decision one way or the other. I think in future I'm gonna be a little more strict with my time if I can. End of the day, why keep going with something you're not enjoying, when you could try something else and have a wonderful time?

All the best folks!


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