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I think Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition might be my new favourite JRPG

I watched a let's play of the original wii game from Chuggaaconroy way back and 6 years later I finally got the opportunity to play it on switch and it was an absolutely amazing 65 hrs.

While some QoL updates came with this remaster, it's amazing how a wii game from 2010 is missing so many of the things that make JRPGs and games in general slow grinds. No need to press A to pick up items, damn near unlimited quest and storage space, no need to return to most quest givers to redeem rewards and traversing the world is a breeze. It feels so good that I can just jump off high places rather than slowly marching down predetermined paths at the cost of some HP- HP that auto regens because there are no healing items in the game!

The characters are so well defined and have such endearing interactions helped by the game's affinity system. Shulk and Reyn's unbreakable bond, Sharla acting as an older sister to Melia or Dunban and Riki's weird yet heartwarming kinship over being the oldest members of the party. There isn't a single party configuration or pairing that didn't feel right.

I love the way the game handles the overworld in towns, it's one of the few open world games that I've played that really incentivises revisiting old locations. The map is littered with monsters that far exceed your level and your affinity with towns increases as you do quests so there's always a valid reason to go back to old areas.

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This is one of the only games where after the credits rolled, I was ready to dive straight back in for more. I feel a good 10-15 hours of postgame ahead of me and that's not even taking into account Future Connected.


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