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I thought I hated Multiplayer games, now I’ve realised that I hated waiting.

Content of the article: "I thought I hated Multiplayer games, now I’ve realised that I hated waiting."

At first, I became stressed at multiplayer shooters. Whenever I died, I would have to wait for a respawn wave to start a respawn timer. Then I would need to run to the objective. If I made a mistake or became unlucky, I would be punished with more waiting. The other players who waited in corners camping often killed me.

Even when I played well, I was still stressed, wondering whether I would be able to keep up my streak the next game as 1 mistake could kill me and force me to wait. Sometimes I would need to wait until the whole match had finished to play again, and if the last person alive is camping in a corner, you can guess how long I had to sit doing nothing, wasting time doing something not productive and not even fun.

I thought maybe I was just bad so I tried playing only Doom Eternal singleplayer for a while and became quite good, playing on the highest difficulty. If I died, I would load checkpoint straight away and the game was already packed with action every second. I tried multiplayer and won many matches. Then I realised, even when playing against players of much higher skill, I was still enjoying myself! In other shooters, I can't imagine relating fun to dying or losing. In battle royales, you need to wait for all 100 or so players to join, wait until you can drop at your location, spend ages running around or looting only for the last 30 minutes to go towards nothing due to somebody camping round the corner or somebody sniping you 300m away.

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The difference with Doom's multiplayer was that players were not rewarded with WAITING in a corner, it was quite the opposite. Even when dying, respawn times were short. In Doom I was always actively DOING SOMETHING, dashing around quickly and weapon switching. In my opinion, this is much more fun than waiting in a corner to kill an unsuspecting enemy, then getting killed when changing positions because somebody waited longer than you.

Does anybody else have similar experiences?


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