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I will say my things about Ubisoft, and XDefiant (i didn’t write the Tom Clancy’s name because the Tom Clancy’s name is just for decoration)

Hi,I play with lots of Ubisoft game and i want to say my things about Ubisoft.I don't know how Ubisoft doesn't realise that they are in corner and if they don't bring something perfect game from the old IPs they going to get lower and lower players and will only bring new players in low count.

I played a little with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas but i can't say anything about it. It was fun for that little time I played

I loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. i started the game in mid Y3S4 and loved it. Year 4 was really good too, but after that year the game has started to evolve backwards. The cheaters started to grow, and in this season 1 in every 10 match sure has a cheater. The game hitboxes don't always work and the new gadgets getting worse and completely useless. I always start palying R6 but then again and again remember that it has too much problems. They always changing the HUD and everything. R6 is starting on a downtrain and that won't stop soon enough to save the game.

About Rainbow Six: Extraction I think if you do a free event with this type of gameplay, then why selling it with a little change for 60€? It's like a DLC and they want full price for it. I think Extraction not going to do well so they are going to lower the price or give it free for older Rainbow Six owners.

And I absolutely love Splinter Cell franchise too. And it's a shame that we don't have good stealth games nowdays.

I played with the last three Ghost Recon title and I loved Future Soldier because you could stealth a little bit.I loved Wildlands too because i had fun with it.But with Breakpoint I liked it but there were some problems but i think it's not a bad game.

I played the Watch Dogs games and had much fun with them. I finished the first game few days ago and it was great there were little stealth options, what I absolutely liked and the story was good. Watch Dogs 2 was my first played Watch Dogs title and i loved it, the gameplay was fun and there were some repetitive missions but without them the game was good.Watch Dogs: Legion is my favourite Watch Dogs game because i had fun with trying to stealth getting the tech upgrades and liberating the citys there were no minute where i felt the game boring. I always played with Albion Captain and took selfies i think it's a really fun game.I didn't played with Bloodline DLC so i can't say too much about it. The one thing were I don't understand that with the DLC why can't you play Wrench and Aiden in the Campaing or Online, but i guess somehow they need to get more money then they get, but it's Ubisoft who didn't guessed it.

I play with Rocksmith 2014 and don't understand why the month subscription model.

And about XDefiant. I don't think that Ubisoft need to get in the Overwatch train with "realistic" guns, but with unrealistic gadgets. Defiant looks like R6 but with guns from Ubisoft IPs and with more nonsense gadgets. I think they are going to get a hype like Hyper Scape and it's going to die out, but we will see.

I think and everyone else thinks that Ubisoft needs to change. They could stay at open world with Watch Dogs and Far Cry, but with Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell they need to get back the not long campaign and not expensive prices. They could sell an 5 hour long Splinter Cell campaign for 15€ or if it's a little longer 30€.

I'd like to see the old Ubisoft and everyone else too. (Sorry for bad English)


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