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The Flash, Superman, Shazam!, Green Lantern and more all require highly dynamic environments due to the abilities of their characters. Highly destructive situations are common in their lore and previous generation's would've struggled to visualize their character's full potential. With modern hardware and the stretch of designer's imagination, these could easily be achieved.

I'm going to focus on the DC Universe and Clark Kent. He's always seemed like the holy grail of complicated video game design dilemmas. How do you build a game around a character impervious to many human interventions? What would the health bar look like? He's bulletproof.

I think the solution is simple; without the presences of kyptonite, change the focus of the objective. Don't make his life the measurement of success of failure. Make the lives of the victims the focus of each challenge, should he fail the world ends, should he fail, the cizitens or victims die. Have their lives construct the narrative. Can the gamer continue if lives are lost. Does the story change if life is saved and the player completes the challenge.

Design environments where destruction isn't an issue. A villain's base in a desert, a tundra, space; battles don't always have to take place in dense urban environments.

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Lean in on the human aspect of his life. His coming of age, his work life balance. His love affair with Lois, or lack thereof.

In terms of action, like prior movies or comics bring in other Kryptonians for issues such as boss battles or combat challenges, equals who could stand toe to toe. For stealth missions they could range from hostage situations, military compounds in aforementioned areas such as the Middle East or Russia, extending his reach globally on journalistic expeditions. He could be reporting the war on terror or the cold war. Make his journey a period piece in an alternate universe.

His enemies don't need to be humans. If he's an alien, if earth becomes futuristic or galactic, bring in space battles. with his flight, speed, and lasers, Earth's defenses could be the measure of failure. His ability to defend earth in one massive "Galaga" like battle could be an interesting game "arcade-y" mode. Defense against meteor showers. Protecting astronauts from asteroid fields during deep space expeditions. I feel there are so many available creative choices people could develop it matter or want not inability.

Space expeditions that could lead to the discovery of other Kyptonians or Kyptonite. He could unknowingly help Lex Luther and his company explore space, only to later on realize the purpose of their deeds.

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If there is a space battle, lean in on the lore of his ability to gather strength from the sun.


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