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If you like racing games and action, YSB Split/Second (PC/Xbox)

Content of the article: "If you like racing games and action, YSB Split/Second (PC/Xbox)"

Before talking about the game itself, I'd like to talk about the concept of "fun". Many videogames have fun elements, but very few videogames are what could be described as "pure fun". Many games suffer stumbles preventing them from being pure fun, such as clogged menus, slow loading times, lots of downtime, or grinding.

With that in mind, Split/Second is the only racing game I would ever describe as pure fun. In no other racing game (or any game) have I experienced the pure thrill of zooming down a storm drain at blistering speeds, or dropping a nuclear cooling tower onto the heads of my opponents.

What sets this game apart from other games is the Power Play mechanic. You gain power play energy through various actions, such as drifting, drafting, jumping, and other ways. When a chunk of power play is solidified (up to 3 are able to be held at once), you are able to activate a power play. A prompt will come up above the roof of cars ahead of you, and if you choose to capitalize on that, a power play happens, and it is pure action. Power plays range from bombs dropped from a helicopter to dropping entire buildings onto the track.

Level design is also an incredibly polished aspect. Remember when I said up to 3 power plays can be banked at a time? Every track (11 in total) give you the opportunity to use all 3 power plays in a Route Changer. These are mega-power plays that alter the course of the track and can even wipe out opponents. Memorable route changers include crashing a yacht into a dock, an exploding train raining cars onto the track, and blowing up a dam and flooding a section of the track.

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There are so many things I could rave about: the soundtrack that morphs as you race, the car stats that give you different styles of play, the cinematic slow-mo highlighting how badass you are. I first played it almost a decade ago and i still remember the moment I dropped an entire plane onto my opponents for the first time. But in the end, this is a rare, truly unique racing game, and a must-play for racing game fans.

Tl:dr – the most fun racing game you will ever play


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