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Ilysia | Upcoming VRMMORPG

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not a developer.


I've been following this game's development since last year and it's been a great experience so far. The developers are very transparent with us community and really listen to our feedback, which is something I really value.

What hooked me up the most was how it features climbing and a big focus on exploration that actually rewards you. I've always been a sucker for secrets and hidden locations with either entire dungeons to beat or rare powerful items! That's something I've always enjoyed about Skyrim and the little I've played of ESO. I think two of the things that have me the most excited however is how they're implementing massive titans that'll serve as boss battles and climbing with exploration puzzles, pretty Shadow of the Colossus-esque and the professions system where you can actually work as a blacksmith or a tavern keeper and level up skill trees specific to those professions, among more.

Very honestly, so far, Ilysia is turning out to be everything I've always wanted in a game. I'm a VR enthusiast too and I've always wanted to experience a game like this. Throughout the past 6 months, I've played several testing builds the developers put out weekly during their pre-alpha stage and it's always been pretty fun to actively see the progress they made on the game each day.

The video I linked above goes in-depth about the concept of the game, what it features and its future plans. I recommend checking it out if you're curious and want to know more about it. If you have questions over aspects of the game, I'd be happy to answer them!

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Here's a few links to the team's websites and social media:

Ilysia's Website:

Team21Studio's Website:
Team21Studio's Twitter:


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