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I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but some of my games got a lot more fun (or only became fun) after I gave in and started cheating. [And how to decide which games to let myself use them for or not]

As an immediate clarification, all the games I'm talking about are single player. Don't worry, I'm not about to start cheating at PvP, I despise the people who do that as much as the rest of you.

As a second clarification because I'm a self-conscious over-thinker, while there's on obvious element of me lacking skill at the particular games in question here, I don't feel it's fair to say that I'm an unskilled gamer as a whole. I mean, one of my favorite game series of all time is Dark Souls, which is famously hard, but I never thought was hard (just unforgiving). I do have a terrible reaction time though, I freely admit that.

Some of the cheats I've used have really just been time savers. When I was nearing the end of some games and found myself very underleveled, I found I didn't have the patience to farm xp and used a trainer to "spawn" some. In Enter the Gungeon, I got sick of waiting for caped bullets to spawn so I activated the dev console and just spawned 5 on the first floor to get it over with (and unlock a new character).

But lately I have started to use some actual cheats. I put a lot of hours into Enter the Gungeon, all fun, without ever beating a run. Eventually I made myself invincible to finally finish a run and start unlocking more things. I did the same in Cuphead to get the pacifist score in the running levels.

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These examples are arbitrary and not the whole of what I've done. I used to be very anti-cheat, barely even modding my games, thinking "it's better to stay near the developer's intended experience". Lately that's gone out the window, and I've started to cheat. (I also use lots of mods in relevant games, but that's different.) Beyond admitting I'm having more fun in the games in question, I'm not really sure how I do or should feel about this development.

Now that I've started using cheats, and this can be treated as a question to discuss, I'm also unsure how to decide what games to use and not use cheats for. Besides the obvious "none for multiplayer" criteria of course. A simple "use them if the game feels to hard for you" sounds like an obvious answer, but I don't think it's that simple. In some games, sheer difficulty is a real part of the experience. Like whether you agree with the statement that Dark Souls is crazy hard or my statement that it's not hard, just unforgiving, if you cheat at it you aren't really playing it anymore. I'd never even dream of cheating at Dark Souls. But why was a willing to cheat at Cuphead and not Dark Souls? I have no idea, and I have no idea how to figure out what I am and am not willing to cheat at in the future.

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That question aside, I'm still left with the uncertainty of how I feel about letting myself cheat at all, regardless of what games I do it for. Always only single player though, I promise that again.


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