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I’m not liking Horizon Zero Dawn very much

Content of the article: "I’m not liking Horizon Zero Dawn very much"

I'm 7 hours into the game and so far it's been an endless stream of cliches in the plot department with very average gameplay. The writing and the facial animations and model design are all absolutely bottom tier. Some of the dialogue just makes me laugh out loud, it's like a parody of a YA novel but it takes itself seriously. That opening scene with the kids making fun of her (How many fucking times have you seen this cmon) and her caretaker dying but let's be honest, he's probably alive and will come back later. The funniest so far though, has been that side quest about that guy who wanted to kill himself because he had schizophrenia – "oh I'm gonna kill myself because voices", "hey my voice is soft, listen", "okay you're soft like my sister I'll listen", then the sister arrives and "come with me, my voice will calm your whispers", "oh ok", and then you get a choice, keep him in or send him away. Whatever you say, this guy does it without any hesitation lmao. It's so so bad. All the bad voice acting makes it even funnier. This is a very average game with okay graphics and it even runs like shit. Definitely not 9.3/10 ign

Edit – so since some of the comments are like "BUT GAMEPLAY", yeah the gameplay has a dodge roll function that is found in pretty much all open world third person RPGs these days and like I said, it's not bad. It's fun, its cool that you have horses and dinosaurs and make them fight each other. The bow is slick to shoot but the "spear" which is actually a sword is shit and the feedback you get is not worth getting your health down, unless you're willing to use the trip caster but that slows the game down. The crafting system is the most basic there is, but I think this will probably improve and get more complex as I'm sure I'll be able to craft more things than just fire arrow, precision arrow and normal arrow. Is there a freeze arrow? There has to be a shock arrow and that's about it right? You can mount horses too ig. Oh and you can run, jump and slide and slow down time. Nothing exciting really.

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