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I’m sick and tired of people giving Nintendo a free pass

Content of the article: "I’m sick and tired of people giving Nintendo a free pass"

Here's an summary of what made me post this:

A indie dev by the alias of InfernoPlus made a fangame known as "Mario Royale", a browser battle royale game for 100 players built from the ground-up.

Nintendo sends a DMCA, which is already very scummy. I would understand if they took down something like a Mario Odyssey battle royale, but Mario Royale was based on the original Super Mario Bros, a game that Nintendo already got more than enough money for in their 20 re-releases of it. Anyone who wanted to play SMB has already played it, either by buying it from Nintendo or emulating it (heck, there are NES emulators which you don't even need to download).

InfernoPlus remakes the game with his own original assets, but still gets a DMCA because "the mechanics and level design are still too similar to SMB". How can you even DMCA this? Last time I checked, you can copyright graphics and sound, but not gameplay. Regardless, they still send the DMCA. Not having the ability/wanting to take it to court, InfernoPlus forfeits and takes it down.

A few days ago, about a year later the incident, Nintendo introduces a "brand new" game: Super Mario Bros. 35, a battle royale based on the original Super Mario Bros!

Now look, I know copyright laws have a lot problems; but other companies have successfully manipulated them in a way that everyone wins. Why can't Nintendo do that? Why couldn't they get InfernoPlus to make a game for them (I hate to be that guy, but that's how Sonic Mania came to be – Sega got their money, and the fans got the game), instead of threatening him with a lawsuit and stealing his idea?

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It's even worse once you realize this isn't the first time Nintendo pulled a greedy, anti-consumer move. Joy-Con Drift, Switch Online, not lowering prices of games, trying to make Game Genie illegal, selling a weak console for the same price as much stronger consoles, the list goes on. This isn't even the first time they pull the fangame stealing shtick – AM2R and Return of Samus come to mind.

And it's even worse that no matter what, people will still buy anything Nintendo makes because it's Nintendo.

For the love of God, stop giving Nintendo a free pass. If you're that desperate for your Mario's and Zelda's, pirate them. The only language Nintendo understands is money, and it's the only thing that might make them change.


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