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I’m so glad I didn’t give up on God of War (2018)

Content of the article: "I’m so glad I didn’t give up on God of War (2018)"

I'm a huge fan of the original God of War trilogy and I recently got a PS4 to finally play through the new game in the series. However I was struggling to stay interested in the game after only a few hours of playtime. I think I wanted it to be too much like the original games and wasn't willing to embrace the new changes to the formula. Mainly I just I didn't like the slower pace of combat and the idea that I'd have to lug Kratos' kid around the entire game. Also, the dark elf realm at the beginning of the game felt pretty tedious and dragged on for too long. So because of this I took a break from it for a month or so.

However, I have to say a huge thank you to the redditors who encouraged me to keep on going and to give the game a second chance. After the dark elf part, the game really starts to pick up steam. And DAMN does it get way more fun as it goes on. The combat becomes an absolute blast once you've upgraded your skills a bit and learn how to use Atreus effectively. In particular, I absolutely love that they brought back the blades of chaos because they are still my favorite weapon in the series and using them brings this awesome intense energy to every fight.

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I'm loving the hell out of this game now. I love that they added side quests, and I like that there are plenty of challenging fights which was something that the original games didn't really have on normal difficulty. I love the fact that the game isn't just a 10 hour long story like its predecessors. I'm also really impressed how well-done the narrative is and how tightly it is interwoven with the gameplay. They finally made Kratos into a more interesting character, and not just a pissed off asshole like he was for the first 3 games. I see now why this game was widely heralded as a masterpiece when it came out, and I think it deserves all the praise it got.

Overall I'm enjoying the hell out of this game and I'm so very glad I didn't quit on it.


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