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I’m so tired of modern games using crappy checkpoint systems instead of proper saves (and I absolutely blame consoles)

Content of the article: "I’m so tired of modern games using crappy checkpoint systems instead of proper saves (and I absolutely blame consoles)"

Title. This is something that has been bothering me for ages, but I feel it's gotten worse over the years. Now, I do get that in certain genres free saving would be counter-productive. Obviously it wouldn't work for rogue-likes and then of course there's Ironman modes which basically have it as a feature that you can't save freely. Another game that did the limitation well was Alien: Isolation. It did only allow you to save in certain spots, but at least it had save slots. Same with the Resident Evil games. Those are good save systems, that keep the tension of not being able to just F5 whenever you want, but still give you the option of choosing when to make a manual save.

But then we have story-focused games, that for some reason won't allow you to manually save at all. It has bothered me in the Arkham games (as much as I love the series) and similar ones (AC Odyssey did it right – apart from the very limited amount of save slots – by still allowing you to make manual gamestate saves, even if the game itself had a worldstate/checkpoint system). It's one of the things that made Bioshock Infinite a much worse (and console-like) game than the first 2, but the game that made me write this rant is Call of Cthulhu, which I picked up in last month's humble choice and just started playing last night. Now, I haven't played very far yet, but so far it is a rather linear story-focused game with some choices and different dialogue options. Despite all that, the game has a single save file for your playthrough and won't allow you to make manual saves and on top of that doesn't even make chapter start/end saves. Now, if you want to experiment with different things or dialogue options, well, tough luck. Fuck me, I guess, for wanting to try different dialogue paths, without having to replay the entire game up until that point.

Read:  Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Nintendon't make games like this no more for some reason.

Why is it so fucking hard for developers to add a simple basic save system to their game? And don't limit my save slots for no reason either. That's another issue, so many games that have free saving then limit you to like 10 save slots. That's not nearly enough for longer games, I like to make saves at important or cool story points and if my hard-drive is full of saves at some point, then I will deal with it myself… I want options, not arbitrary limitations, but I guess if you have to cater to the lowest common denominator (i.e. consoles), then that's what you get unfortunately…


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