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I’m trying to start a blog/online resource for patient gamers and I need your help

Content of the article: "I’m trying to start a blog/online resource for patient gamers and I need your help"

Alright, I'm not sure if I'm breaking the sub rules with this post, but it's not really a plug(I don't even have anything to plug yet) as much as me asking for some feedback and help.

I wanna start by saying that this sub is one of my favorite gaming-related places on the internet, and until I found it I never really "fit in" in most gaming communities. I've always been someone who plays older games, and never buys anything on release. In the past it was because of necessity, because I had a crappy PC and a small budget to buy games, but these days it's more of a habit. I have a huge backlog of older games, and I grew up playing "outdated" stuff so I don't mind it anymore. Plus, I really don't think that all the new releases in any given year are worth my time over any game from the past 20 years. The problem is that gaming journalism, and gaming culture at large doesn't really cater to this style of playing. Apart from this sub, I haven't found any other place where I can discuss older or more obscure titles from a modern perspective (as opposed to someone with very niche interests who only plays those kinds of games, and will swear that Goldeneye 007 still totally holds up as a shooter).

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Basically, the 3 things I want to focus on are hidden gems who haven't really receieved any mainstream attention, games with troubled releases that never shaked off that reputation, despite massive improvements( like Mass Effect:Andromeda, which is a perfectly fine game these days) and classic games viewed from the perspective of someone who has no nostalgia or reverence for them(on account of either not being around when they were released, or too young to be interested at the time).

Basically, what I want to ask you guys is if you would be interested in this type of content, what category of those 3 in particular do you find most interesting, and if there's anything similar you would like to see someone cover. Basically, when it comes to writing about gaming, which things do you have the most trouble finding online?


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