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Imagine if MGS V was a full game and not just the most polished turd in the turd factory

Content of the article: "Imagine if MGS V was a full game and not just the most polished turd in the turd factory"

I know this topic has been beaten to death but 5 years have passed and I'm still not over the potential the game had. These are just my opinions of course but the graphics, the movement engine, the number of approaches available to you and the number of toys you get to play with blew me away when I first played the game.

I remember wringing the game for 14 hours straight in my first sitting and being blown away by the scale of it and in terms of the moment to moment stealthing it was just so tight. So to slowly come to the realisation that every encampment could be completed by crouch walking to the left or right a bit, that there were only a handful of real bases to sneak around and that I'd be going back to the same bases to do the same route in and out again and again was so disheartening. It sucked that the more I played the more I could see clear as day exactly where Konami cut content and to have the campaign wind down to the pathetic replay missions while the incoherent story just got worse and worse understandably left a bad taste in a lot of gamer's mouths.

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For me what makes it hurt even more is that I still can't stop thinking about the potential because while the house was incomplete, the bones are so strong. Five years on and I still can't think of an open world 3rd person game with such a visceral joy of movement, such a tight stealth system and the kind of textured animations that really pulls you into a character's actions. I wish there was just more game to use all of that in. I'm sick of replaying the OKB Zero mission again and again but it's one of the very few missions I was genuinely enjoying the way I enjoyed sneaking through the entirety of MGS3.

Maybe I'd feel better about the game if it was just ass, if it felt clunky and if the web of enemy supply systems, hiring staff and mission intel all didn't work but because they do I can't help but feel like MGSV is the most polished turd I have ever played and I'll never not be sad about what could have been.

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Apologies to the 3 people that reads this if it bums you out but I've been bummed out about this game for 5 years so my misery wants company


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