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Hey guys, Im relatively new to the streaming deal. I started off with some small games, but I moved from my really bad PC to my xbox. And I figured out like 2 days ago that you can stream from the Xbox Twitch app to put up some content on Twitch. The only problem is that when I switch to game chat to play games such as Fortnite, you can hardly hear my friends that I'm playing with. Which sounds like I'm talking to myself. I would like a few suggestions in how to fix that or go around it. Ik that it's a privacy thing that doesn't allow it to happen, but I was wondering if there is a different way to do it, without having to purchase a capture card. Because I'm starting to think that I should just go into a normal phone call and just allow the audio to come through there into the headset mic that I have. If theres is nothing I can possibly go around and need to purchase a capture card, what capture card that is the least expensive would help with my problem. I also know that the Elgato HD60 has that audio cable chat link that could fix it up. But that's too expensive rn for my budget. Is there a less expensive capture card that would do the same. Or would any capture card just automatically capture in game chat? There is also the known option of using your PC Xbox App and having it separately and it records it. But does it record the in game voice chat audio as well? If this is the easier option, please explain how it works. I would like any help or feedback that I can get to myself out hear before being able to afford more things. Thank you very much

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