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In terms of plot and characters, The Witcher 1 stands out over his succesors.

Content of the article: "In terms of plot and characters, The Witcher 1 stands out over his succesors."

So after having read the books and played the trilogy of The Witcher, ive become obsessed with it. I played 3 a while back as a standalone and it reall grabbed me by the balls, i was very impressed with it, possibly one of my favourite game of all time. Obviously it was a matter of time before i went back and read all the books and played the first 2 games.

Having done that, in my opinion TW1 really stands out and i understand it gets overlooked because of his 2 big brothers but really in terms of athmosphere and characters its leagues ahead of TW3. Its almost as if the technical limitations play in favour of the game. By having the temple quarter separated from the big city of Wyzima it really makes you feel like you are in a small part of the city, and because the game its divided in small areas that the developers could focus on the details and the characters.

I love Witcher 3 but sometimes the open world plays against it, some big areas with nothing but events sparkled in that really is looting/combat in disguise.

Novigrad is really impressive but i find the Temple Quarter from TW1 or Flotsam from TW2 to feel much more real and athmospheric.

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And also to me, the characters in TW1 feel much more real and rounded out to me that in Wild Hunt, maybe its a subproduct of the plot but i really found way more interesting the palace intrigues, city plots and character agendas of TW1 and 2 than 3. It just felt like everyone is too nice to you in TW3 and in reality your interactions with a lot of characters was "Do this for me and ill tell you that" It really cheapened out a lot of the characters like Zoltan, Dandelion or the sorceresses. Maybe the best characters of TW3 were the ones that really felt like they were hiding their intentions like Djikstra ( who got done dirty and the end of his quest btw), Phillipa or Yeneffer.

Enjoyed TW3 very much all around but if we remove combat and open world from the equation, TW1 and 2 were much more interesting to me as far as plot and characters go.


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