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Infamous & Infamous 2

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So I recently got the platinum trophy for Infamous 2 & I wanted to reflect on it & its predecessor. One of the first games for PS3 that I ever got was the first Infamous. I got it for free when I bought the PS3 as part of a bundle offer. I saw the cover and the description and I felt that it would be interesting. I was not disappointed.

The main character was an edgy badass, and I was into that sort of thing back then. The story was really good and the twist at the end was unexpected. The gameplay felt really good, as I had never played an open world superhero type game before and I LOVED IT. The powers were fun to use and the karma system was unique. I didn't care about graphics, I just wanted to have fun. And fun is what I had. The only major complaint I have with this game is the ending with respect to both karma routes. Infamous had only one ending, and every mission, no matter what karma choice you took, was the same. Only the aftermath was different. I liked the aftermath portion being completely shaped by the player's actions, something I didn't notice in Infamous 2. I would give it a solid 8/10.

Now onto Infamous 2. I got this game recently as a birthday present and since I loved the first game, I had some high hopes. And after I completed it, I left with one of my favorite games of all time. Everything was an improvement on the first game (except for the aftermath portions). New Marais felt fresh & alive, much more than Empire City. The story was amazing, and the character development of Cole, Zeke, Kuo, and especially Nix, was phenomenal. Karma actually made a major difference in the storyline and gameplay. Evil karma actually made you feel bad with the Zeke bombshell. Good karma felt sad but great. The gameplay was absolutely amazing, with some amazing traversal and powers. The story was amazing and the last mission was a fitting end. Overall a 10/10 amazing game. It might have its flaws, but I didn't notice any.

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