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inFamous Second Son – Great combat but not very replayable

inFamous Second Son is one of the games in the PS+ Collection and since I hadn't played any inFamous games since First Light back in 2014, I decided to give it a go.


This game is fast-paced, with a lot to do. It's one of those open world games where you can do 100 things on the way to your next mission. The combat is pretty fluid and with the variety of abilities you can do a lot of different things in one fight.


To keep this short, I'll cover the main "unique" gameplay aspect: karma. In your playthroughs, you can either end with good karma or evil karma and each one changes the ending and a few cutscenes throughout the game. This is one of those systems that I don't love because it affects the upgrades you can get, makes it tedious and a requirement to focus on karma at some point in the game, and if you want both endings you need to playthrough twice.


For a 7 year old game, it's got some really good graphics. It's not 4k or anything, but the faces look fairly realistic and running throughout the world it looked great the whole way with no frame drops. Some people may not love the art style used in the UI and some parts of the game, but I thought it was unique and worked perfectly for the game environment.

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Adding this section to comment on some specific issues I found:

  1. There's a spray-painting mini-game found throughout the world that relies on the controller's gyro, which is way too sensitive and I could never get centered properly. I was sitting there having to hold the controller at the weirdest angle and trying to only move it 0.01mm to get it in the right spot.
  2. Some spots require trackpad gestures, but you have to be right on the spot to trigger the action and sometimes you can be as close as possible and just have to keep running around swiping on the trackpad to get it working.


Recently, I've started trying to 100% the games that I play in an effort to fully experience them and get the most out of the games that I play. There's a few reasons why I won't be 100%ing this game:

  1. Too many of the achievements are gimmick achievements that are impossible to get without running around the map aimlessly waiting for random events to appear.
  2. I got through both good and evil karma playthroughs, but knowing the story on the second playthrough made it a pain to have to sit through cutscenes for ages (oh yeah, and cutscenes aren't skippable…)
  3. There's a lot of variables when it comes to combat, but after enough fights it does end up feeling repetitive. You get into a rhythm of the abilities you like to use consistently and once you do that, it just becomes the same shooting over and over again.
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I'd still recommend you play the game and find out your opinions for yourself, but I'd see how you feel about the above mechanics early on. For a rating, I'd probably give it a 7/10 – good story, good combat, but a better game to play once rather than twice.


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