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Infamous secound son is extremely average

Content of the article: "Infamous secound son is extremely average"

As the title says i wasnt particularly impressed by infamous secound son when i played it a couple of months back. This game oveall got pretty positive reviews but i cant understand why.

The game is enjoyable to play and is worth picking up if you want a ps4 open world game but is definitely not a 8/10 or higher imo. Story is bland and not fun. It's basically another "oh shit i got super powers" story and you and ur brother wants to accomplish the same goal but through different means. Its clear that the story wasn't the main focus of the game. The evil and good route are cool but ultimately there isnt that much of a difference. Feels more like a gimmick than an actual mechanic.

There are plenty of characters that aren't utilised enough and gets pushed to the side. There is baröey any efftort made to make you like them. At their core they are just stereotypes. Nerdy guy, kinda emo girl and the good guy brother. Main character delson is bland and is extremely unlikeable especially when you go through the evil route. Some of hes choices seems out of places since the game was obviously meant to be played with the good ending in mind.

Open world is small and divided into districts with a main base, smaller outposts and collectibles such as cameras and imposterd i belive. The main goal of the open world is to push back enemies from the zones through creating chaos in the zones. When the enemy presence is gone you can initiate a final battle and after that the zone has been liberated. This can maybe take 30 mins to accomplish if you goof around a bit. And thats it, thats the whole gameplay loop. Clear bases, get collectible and recive upgrade points. One word, repetitive. The game doesn't do enough in its open world to break the repetitive patterns outside of the main missions.

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Some of the positives include the powers, the different powers are fun to use and specialises in different areas. The game looks really good for a 2014 title and runs well on the ps4 pro with almost prefect 60 fps in preformance mode.

I truly wanted to enjoy this game but the open world, activities, story and characters just felt so bland and unlikeable. Playstation in general have a much higher standard since this game came out and i belive this game got good 8-9/10 cause it was an early exlusive game this generation. I'm convinced this game would get like 6/10 by todays standards and this shows that the quality on atleast sony games have improved massively. I really hope they will continue this franchise but that seems unlikely after the release of ghost ps tsushima.

tl:dr very average but can be enjoyable to play. Story, open world, characters feel outdated and are boring. Outside of the main missions the game is repetitive. If this game was released today it wouldn't get 8-9/10.


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