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As promised, the next giveaway . I haven't finished reading all my entries from the last raffle, so I'm going to run this the same way as all my previous ones. I'll announce any changes on the next one.

Please see this spreadsheet for the games on offer . The other tabs show all other games that will be eventually offered . Important Note: if the game is not on the “On Offer” tab, please do not ask for it; it is currently not being offered and I will not provide it.

For those of you who cannot, for whatever reason, access the above spreadsheet, the games on offer are as follows:

  1. Aegis Defenders
  2. Blasphemous
  3. Dark Future
  4. Evoland Legendary Edition
  5. EXAPunks
  6. Fae Tactics
  7. Family Man
  8. Fantasy Blacksmith
  9. Felix the Reaper
  10. Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark
  11. Fight'N Rage
  12. Figment
  13. Finding Paradise
  14. Fire
  15. Fling to the Finish
  16. Fluffy Horde
  17. Fort Triumph
  18. Forts
  19. Framed Collection
  20. Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

To be considered for entry, please see the following:

  1. Follow the subreddit rules. Specifically, I do my best to ensure that all entries adhere to rules 3, 5, and 10. Failure to follow the rules will ensure you are not considered. Explicitly, this means:
    1. Don't DM / PM me. From here forward, anyone who does this will be added to my automatic exclusion list and will not be considered for ANY giveaway . NOTE: This includes requests for swapping games.
    2. Your account must be in good standing <30+ days old, 300 minimum comment k-arma> or your entry will not be considered. I also look at your post/comment history. IDGAF what subreddits you're in / posts/comments you've made, but I DO care if your account participated on k-arma farming subreddits or has won multiple raffles in a very short period of time.
      1. Any entrant found participating in k-arma farming will be added to my automatic exclusion list and will not be considered for ANY giveaway .
      2. Any entrant who has won multiple raffles in a very short period of time <5 within 7 days (of this raffles post date) or 15 within 30 days (of this raffles post date)> will cause me to tentatively consider your entry. This means if there are no other valid entries for a game you request, you will still win . This is to help be in compliance with rule 10 of this subreddit.
  2. Pick up to 10 games and type them, in your order of preference . Be specific on what game(s) you would like: any entry without at least one valid game listed will not be considered. You must have at least one game listed for consideration. Any list with more than 10 games will only have the first 10 games considered.
  3. Please answer this: If you could make any wish, what wish would it be?

I keep track of every comment as I see them, whether the comment is considered or not . I keep a spreadsheet of every entrant and there is an 'included' list and an 'excluded' list . At the end of the raffle, before sorting names into a randomized list, I will check the excluded users one last time to see if they edited their posts to become a valid entry.

Please, please, do not downvote other entries. I sort by new, so all that is accomplished is that I think some of you are jerks. I don't care if I'm downvoted, but leave the others alone.

This raffle will end at 12:01AM CST on Tuesday 1/18/2022 . I will comment <not edit> this post at that time with a closure notice; any entries made after that comment will not be considered. Later that day I will announce the winners.


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