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Is anybody else so shit at video games they’re always forced to main the medic/support roles?

Content of the article: "Is anybody else so shit at video games they’re always forced to main the medic/support roles?"

I don't know what it is. I've always thought games were cool but I'm just like adnormaly bad at them.

I'd say it's pathetic but you don't get it, I'm so awful it's astonishing! I doesn't matter how long I play the game either- I've been playing since I was in 5th-6th grade (currently 2020 highschool graduate) and I still bottom out in the leaderboards consistently

Your next line is- "practice deliberately more! Watch videos! Get to know th-" yeah blah blah I've heard it all and no dice, Chuck. I've got entire libraries of stupid worthless information about smash, FPS, class based shooter strats, all not worth a thing

Okay now you're thinking "maybe you're just a single player gamer!" Now there you may be onto something- like a cactus, or maybe a porcqupine's ass- or a stack of 'wrong' because you're wrong

I've tried single player games but I don't think I've been able to drag myself through one since Luigi's Mansion. It's just that by the halfway point I just get bored. Feels like I've seen all it has to offer and my interest with the story wanes with the gameplay

I just wanna game with my friends dude. Like seriously, I'm not even a fucking 'gamer' like that. All my interests are outdoors but all my friends insist on living like fucking NEETs so video games is the best we ever do

So of course I'm always playing medic

The do nothing class. The only get to experience a quarter of the game class. The "I really could have just opened up some war sfx on YT and hold down M+1 and got the same experience I am now" class

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Support roles always blow. There's no fun in medics at all and no person under the sun could convince me that any support main would die to have the skillset to effectively main the fun classes.

Worst part is that multiplayer games seem to come in two flavors- The "gun em down! Beat em up! And make it burn!" Combat/violence centric games (the cool ones)

And "Farm with your friends! _"

And I just seem to be generally awful at being better than others. And I know I know- "As long as you're having fu-" yeah well fucking up here and there? It happens- being bottom 3 all the time. Not fun

And that's my tale

I just wanted to see if anybody is truly cursed when it comes to video games, like me.

Tbh at my rate I'm probably either just gonna dump games and ditch my friends and start from scratch, start hacking for the reactions, or …idk. okay bye! Have a good one!


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